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  1. I found the word SEEP. Which is also PEES, I guess. Interesting find, Ms Wine. Welcome to BD.
  2. Liar Game BD Round 3 1. Jay 2. Framm 3. Brainy 4. 5. Phil 1882 6. Panther 7. Rob_Gandy 8. Flamebirde I'm probably gonna have to sit one out. I need to move. =/
  3. Liar Game BD Round 3 1. Jay 2. Framm 3. Brainy 4. Molly 5. 6.
  4. Liar Game BD Second Round roster: 1. Framm 2. Flamebirde 3. Phil1882 4. Brainy 5. Rob 6. Molly ...
  5. Molly Mae

    Board Games

    When we started the board game night, I actually wanted a weekly go and chess group. It kind of got away from that, though.
  6. Thanks, Phil. I don't know how I missed that.
  7. Molly Mae

    Board Games

    Over the last several years, the board game industry has boomed with companies like Fantasy Flight re-releasing old games with new art and higher quality pieces, new Euro-style games getting attention in America, game versions being released to play online or on iOS, Kickstarter having an awesome section for board games, and self-publishing of games made thousands of times easier. The release of many co-op games probably helped quite a bit, as well. Last year, my wife and I (and Hirkala) started a board game group in our local area. We meet once a week and play board games at a coffee sh
  8. Is there a difference between guessing the thread and guessing the sub-forum? Is the return higher for getting the specific thread?
  9. [spoiler=... Without anything he can go on, Bouncing here, there, ping, and pong, Pass him an invite, He'll eagerly excite, For such is the life of a gluon.
  10. I'll never look at it the same again...
  11. Good luck to everyone. If I can be of any assistance to anyone, please feel free to PM me. @DD: I'd even be willing to trade legitimate hints.
  12. Liar Game BD First Round Roster: 1. Panther 2. Brainy 3. Phil1882 4. MollyMae 5. 6. 7. ...
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