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  1. A Complicated Numbers Problem

      I will confirm that what you observed is true. You need to be clever.
  2. Cosmetic Surgery and the Worm

    I wrote some short Haskell code to verify the surgeon's claim for all worms of a given length.     I have yet to think of an actual proof.
  3. Relatively prime

    Where did the bin come from?  
  4. A Complicated Numbers Problem

      Actually, DeGe, your first method is approaching one of the solutions, but it isn't quite there because it still uses irrational numbers in the final calculation.
  5. A Complicated Numbers Problem

      Let me rephrase the problem so that it is less ambiguous. There will still be multiple solutions. How can you determine the last three digits of (3 + √5)n before the decimal using only integer operations?
  6. How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

    Wow, I really didn't think anybody would get this! I'm actually super impressed. ))) Good job!
  7. Airplane with or without wind

      Yeah, I think post #6 should be the Best Answer.
  8. Removing pawns - the game

    I'd like to know the answer
  9. George the silver fish

    Incidentally, this explanation provides a much simpler way to arrive at the solution to your aha​ problem, bonanova.   Edit - I just realized that there was an equally elegant words-only solution further along the aha thread. And it has a slightly different angle than the explanation we have above. Man, this is what I love about math.
  10. Simulating an n-sided die with two coins

    Say we want to simulate an N sided die.  
  11. George the silver fish

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but based partially from a trend I have noticed and the formula that bonanova cited...