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  1. A Complicated Numbers Problem

    I will confirm that what you observed is true. You need to be clever.
  2. Cosmetic Surgery and the Worm

    Hmm. Maybe this is trivial, but I have a counterexample.
  3. Cosmetic Surgery and the Worm

    Let me explain my code from before. The results it gives suggests that the surgeon's claim is correct.
  4. Cosmetic Surgery and the Worm

    I wrote some short Haskell code to verify the surgeon's claim for all worms of a given length. I have yet to think of an actual proof.
  5. Relatively prime

    Where did the bin come from?
  6. A Complicated Numbers Problem

    Actually, DeGe, your first method is approaching one of the solutions, but it isn't quite there because it still uses irrational numbers in the final calculation.
  7. A Complicated Numbers Problem

    Hey, thanks for giving this puzzle some attention. Let me rephrase the problem so that it is less ambiguous. There will still be multiple solutions. How can you determine the last three digits of (3 + √5)nbefore the decimal using only integer operations?
  8. How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

    Wow, I really didn't think anybody would get this!I'm actually super impressed.))) Good job!
  9. Airplane with or without wind

    Yeah, I think post #6 should be the Best Answer.
  10. Removing pawns - the game

    I'd like to know the answer
  11. George the silver fish

    Incidentally, this explanation provides a much simpler way to arrive at the solution to youraha​ problem, bonanova. Edit - I just realized that there was an equally elegant words-only solution further along the aha thread. And it has a slightly different angle than the explanation we have above. Man, this is what I love about math.
  12. Simulating an n-sided die with two coins

    Say we want to simulate an N sided die.
  13. George the silver fish

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but based partially from a trend I have noticed and the formula that bonanova cited...