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  1. Correct. The only way I saw the goodies winning was if too many of Sweden's targets were alive or China NK'd Sweden without knowing it (which we knew hadn't happened from the post, but maybe could have happened if FB was, in fact, China).
  2. I'll disagree here. Thalia won the race to victory because of who her targets were. If there had been another left alive, we would have won. If we hadn't outed, I would have been likely to vote for you instead of Maurice and I think Bonanova would have been a ripe target for Maurice to lynch. I don't think we could have gotten a consistent vote without my outing and vouching for Bona. Heck, even after the outing, I was still about 80/20 that Maurice was bad. If he had claimed Germany at the beginning of D2, though, I would have lynched you without a doubt. Whoever claimed Germany first was going to be who I sided with. I had fun! Thanks for hosting, Araver, and thanks to everyone for being super awesome!
  3. I used to run a micro-bakery almost a decade ago. My girlfriend at the time also enjoyed baking and introduced me to honey-pickling. I kind of fell in love with the process, so even after I stopped baking a lot, I kept on pickling apples (and peaches) for pies and cobblers. It's just out there in case anybody ever got curious enough to click on it and think, "Huh, that sounds pretty neat. I want some!" As for my targets, since I covered this in a previous post: Maurice can't be Sweden because of his N1 action. After the MikeD lynch, I wanted to verify Bonanova's claim about Hanlon's Razor, so I used the ODTG role-spy ability. I also figured he was the least likely to die in the night either because he was China or because there was a lot of suspicion on him.
  4. For the record, I never said Maurice was 100% China, just that it's most likely. I know he's not Sweden and him killing N1 just doesn't jive with me as a Maurice action.
  5. I do want to say well in advance that I do recognise that you could be the US. I just don't think it's as likely as the alternative. If you are the US, I'll take full blame for the terrible and swift end that the goodies will meet. And, as always, I'll totally still <3 you, Mo.
  6. If Thalia was unquarantined, we might be screwed faster. If the quarantine could instead move to China, that would solve our problems.
  7. Correct. There is nothing we can do about this circumstance.
  8. This is why I hinted at Bonanova's role before he publicly claimed Australia. =P EDIT: For reference: Bonanova should definitely not be in the hot seat. Unless you're talking about the wave. =P
  9. Man, I want to believe this because that would be so awesome. It jives so far with what I've got. But who did you try to target N1? Just for you, Mo:
  10. Mo: Claiming is the only way I'll change my vote. I can't be 100% sure on you, so I'm going with most likely. But I'm pretty sure FB waiting for you to claim is more telling. Here's what I know: Flamebirde is not China. Maurice is not Sweden. Bonanova is Australia. I am Russia. Thalia is most likely Sweden, which leaves Maurice as China by process of elimination. If Thalia is not Sweden, she herself could be China and FB could be Sweden. If a RID kill happens today, we'll have our answer. It will also prevent Sweden from acting N3 and an easy lynch target if we get the right person today. Ultimately, FB could be Sweden and Maurice could be China. Because of their lack of claiming, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. I also have one more piece of information which I will withhold for now. I still don't think it's possible for the good guys to win without guessing.
  11. Wanna change your vote and then if someone counter-claims, I can do the "share-what-I-know" to prove that they're lying?
  12. With literally everything hanging on this vote, I'll tell you that I'm Russia. With literally everything hanging on this vote, I'll tell you that I'm Russia.
  13. Bonanova should definitely not be in the hot seat. Unless you're talking about the wave. =P I'd love to get a solid claim from you, Maurice, as that's the only way I'll be changing my vote.
  14. Awesome save, Australia. You're the best. Maurice and Thalia are almost certainly our targets. There is a slim chance that Flamebirde is Sweden, but it's unlikely. EDIT: Is it as unlikely? Not sure. Host: araver 1. Thalia - quarantined by Sweden 2. bonanova 3. Molly Mae - voting for Maurice 4. Flamebirde 5. maurice 6. MikeD - Lynched D1 as United Kingdom 7. plasmid - Invaded N1 by China
  15. EDIT: Gotta get this ready for tomorrow.