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  1. 16 Pawns puzzle

  2. I’m not Moby Dick

    Oh, man, I do like that answer. It does totally make sense. I was just too close to food, I guess. At one point, I was putting my hands in the shape of a "peaking wave" (and it totally is the shape of a roof) and wondering to myself what has that shape and would be above something insulated. And I landed on oven hood.
  3. I’m not Moby Dick

  4. I’m not Moby Dick

  5. I’m not Moby Dick

  6. I’m not Moby Dick

  7. Strange math problem

  8. Random passengers

  9. Fettered random walk

  10. Fettered random walk

    And maybe I'm not dumb. I think this evaluates correctly. I'll stand by my answer.
  11. Fettered random walk

  12. Fettered random walk

    In that case...maybe...
  13. I might be a memory aid

  14. Who finished 2nd?

    EDIT:Ninja'd by PG. A little bit of trial and error based on some observations: