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  1. L'chaim is a Hebrew toast meaning "To life." See:
  2. Clarification question: Does the paint merely need to cross any previous paint, or must it intersect the beginning of the paint?
  3. Arise, O Truth of Blue and Red ! Prepare the ritual to raise the dead And cast thy eyes upon this thread!
  4. I'll give you a gold star. =D
  5. Not an answer, but I'm hoping to contribute to an Aha! moment...
  6. I pop in to MM every once in awhile. I still do the wiki backups every so often. I certainly don't have time for Mafia or anything, but I'll try to pop on here more often.
  7. Haha, this is awesome.
  8. *Goes to the shore where the ground is weedy* *Looks around for a stone* ... *Looks under the stone*
  9. Derivatives are only worth something if they exceed (in your case cause you chose long) the guess value you bought in at. Thanks for the game, BMAD!