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  1. Player A has one more coin than player B. Both players throw all of their coins simultaneously and observe the number that come up heads. Assuming all the coins are fair, what is the probability that A obtains more heads than B?
  2. One of my students used this as their proof, I am curious about what you think of it bonanova, Assume that 0.000....1 exists then 1 - 0.000....1 = 0.999.... Since we can show 0.99999 = 1 and 0.000...1 + 0.999... = 1 then 0.000...1 must equal zero as 0+1=1.
  3. Prove or disprove that 0.000....000001 equals 0
  4. Since nobody was brave enough to attack my 'bum' question, here is one that sounds more 'mathy'... Suppose you have a box with a square base area of 16 square inches. There is a circle drawn inside the base which shares the same center point. The diameter of this circle is 2 inches. Lastly, assume that you have a line segment with length of 1 inch which will randomly appear within the base of the box. What is the probability that this line segment will not intersect the circle?
  5. You Can Assume that One Standard Sheet Of Toliet Paper Will Be Enough.
  6. Let's define an ideal arse as having a 0.7 hip to waist ratio. Given this ratio and the shape of one's behind describe the best course one should take when wiping themselves after using the restroom.
  8. Suppose we have a ten inch line segment. Draw two isosceles triangles with legs of 3inches such that each begin at the end of the line and their hypotenuse is opposite of the base line. Extend the hypotenuse lines such that they cross above the middle of the line segment. Draw a line from the height of each triangle to the bottom end of the other triangle (the acute angle). At the top a four-sided shape is formed. What is the area of this shape? Solve it without calculus.
  9. your last comment was actually the inspiration of this question.
  10. I agree. I didn't see logos response of 18 given that it was moved up due to someone liking it.
  11. My assignment shows the 18 solution. Maybe, I misunderstood Logophobics solution. I see now what happened, someone gave a 'plus one' to his result. Moving his response out of sequence. I did not see their 18 result and therefore thought they were suggesting a 19 as the chief score. My apologies.
  12. Suppose there is a hat that contains the numbers 1,2,3,4, and 5. You seek to find the three. You blindly reach into the hat pulling out a number. If it is wrong, then without replacement you reach for another. When you pull out the three you stop. Each pick before three is subtracted from 0 with your final pick (the three) being added to that total. What is your expected value?
  13. his velocity
  14. Your assumptions are correct but I have an answer smaller than 18. I will recheck my numbers maybe you should to.
  15. Suppose a baseball player runs at a speed of 24 ft/s. He is trying to run on a baseball field where it's 90 feet to each base. Determine the rate of change to second base once the runner reaches halfway to first base.