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  1. Playing baseball

    This is what I had in mind
  2. Cutting a dorito

    Assume that a dorito's shape is a perfect isosceles triangle with the ratio of its longest sides to shortest being 2:1. If you were to make three linear cuts through the chip, what is the most amount of sides of a part of the chip that can be formed?
  3. Playing baseball

    Am I understanding your claim correctly? Are you stating that it is impossible for a ball to give the appearance to a bystander of traveling straight up and down over the course of 8 seconds?
  4. Playing baseball

    A baseball player hit a ball high into the air. It took a perfectly linear path and came straight back down through the point where the man made contact after 8 seconds. Of course the ball only appeared to travel Linearly to us bystanders. Since the earth was spinning throughout the 8 second flight of the ball, describe the true flight the ball took during this period assuming earth's core is (0,0,0), make any other assumptions you need except leave the height of the ball unknown.
  5. Drop two sticks

    how about...
  6. Polygamy

    Say there is a new society of ten unrelated people. Each time a person is born into their society, that person immediately becomes an adult while another random same-gender adult dies at the other's birth. These individuals live for four days, providing them four opportunities to mate before expiring at the end of the fourth day. Each male randomly mates with another female. In order to conceive one must mate with another who is less than 10% related to themselves. What is the probability this population will sustain itself for a week?
  7. What you say is true if and only if time 2,3 & 4 is greater than zero. at zero there are two solutions, 80mph, 60mph for the fly meaning that the fly never left either car until the collision. But since it is given that the fly starts with the car, the fly must be going 80mph.
  8. Drop two sticks

    purely a guess at the approach but
  9. There is a solution but I find it unsatisfactory. Using kinematics we can set up a system and find two solutions though one doesn't make sense.
  10. pick-up sticks

    lol, i meant to make the rods' diameter 2in not the radii
  11. I am pretty sure bonanova asked a variation of this question but I can't seem to locate it... Anyways: Suppose there is a Ferrari and a truck on a collision course. They will crash in two hours.The truck is going 60mph and the Ferrari is going 80mph. There is also a magical fly on the Ferrari. When the two hour time began the fly instantly achieved and maintained its maximum speed. The fly flew to the truck and back and to the truck and back. Upon the returning from the second trip, the fly, the truck, and the Ferrari all collide. How fast was the fly going?
  12. pick-up sticks

    Suppose that you have 3 rods that have a radius of 2in and a length of 6in. If they were dropped in a square-based box with a length of 7in, what is the probability that none of the rods touch? You can assume that the two rods would not roll once they came in contact with the box and that the rods always landed flat in the box.
  13. It is purposefully directed but not meant to imply that there is a different result.