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  1. I should also reiterate that I wasn't looking for x|y where x=y. Those are the 22 results that I removed, since they weren't ambiguous. I looked for x|y where there was a complimentary y|x
  2. Yeah, I ended up taking it a step further and moving the minute hand by 1 degree at a time instead of the hour hand. So the matching columns were a looooot longer. I couldn't include it in the post because it was too long.
  3. Yeah, now I think I've got it.
  4. Does that allow the other sheriff to make the arrest, though? That was the stumbling block I was having with my second approach.
  5. An alternative: My second method actually doesn't work. It lets the sheriffs know that they share a suspect (or don't), but doesn't tell them who the shared suspect is.
  6. My point 2 is designed to cover this case (and similar cases). EDIT: That is, it can be as optimal, but it will never be more optimal.
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