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  1. That is right.. with 4 partition lines occurring 25% of the time.
  2. Boolean Table of Statement Table above T T F F F T T T T T T T F T T F T T T T T T F T T Are we looking for T F T F T F T F T F T F T F T F T F T F F T F T F ?
  3. hint
  4. ..that is the nearest possibe right guess. Note that this formulation applies to all the words contained within Brainden.
  5. the = ? + and + ? Find the 2 words to equate frequencies.
  6. Great job! How shall we conduct the final trial to solve it?
  7. All types of bulb beetles (Red,Green and Blue) inside a jar are always glowing with the same color according to the most number of beetle type within the jar. In case of equal in numbers they all glow with the same color mixture. By transfering some beetles from one jar to the other 3 times.. How many of each type were captured? (See trial sequence below)
  8. Yes,that's the least..and it helps to know. But i can only guess, the solution for all possible shuffled position is 8 maybe 9. Nice job !
  9. Good one!
  10. That is correct !!
  11. A man sold part of his 16 x 12 m rectangular land property having 9 ft. high brick walls on all sides. If he decide to use the existing brick materials to rebuild his walls..(see lot plan) What should be the new height of his brick walls?