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  1. English

  2. Unseen Highness

  3. Rectangram

    11 x 11 is the answer.. N=7 may result in larger square. the Tangram I found w/ 5 rectangles are: 1x1,2x5,3x6,4x9,7x8 .  Good two Logophobic!   @buddy boy- thanks for the solution.. maybe I should have said " none of them have a common dimension"  but I got a square rectangle piece. @Dejmar-  Yes its not like the Chinese Tangram in no. of pieces
  4. Rectangram

    ..but "length of side" doesn't necessarily be the longer or horizontal  side of a rectangle. Thus you got all rectangles with common sides. Anyway it's a  wise answer..
  5. Rectangram

    Find the smallest MxM square Tangram that is made of N rectangular pieces that do not share the same (integer units) length of side.
  6. Unseen Highness

                         Can you figure out the remaining connections above?  
  7. Font

    if you may..what is clue 32?
  8. English

    Hint: quarter,stone,grain and dram are not S.I. units..
  9. Font

    Genders -female,male,neutre Clue :a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p  r s t u v w x y z
  10. Font

  11. Cheat Dice

  12. Cheat Dice

                                            Three of the above  standard dice of know weight has a magnet pip on center of one side. These cheat dice  weigh normally when measured on top of the throwing table with induced magnetic  field but would be 1 unit heavier or lighter when the magnet pip is facing  (parallel with) the table. With  balance scale  and/or weighing scale available..what is the best method  to sort out the fair die.
  13. Relative Time

    What's the watch speed if it runs backward 1sec/sec relative to your stationary real  time?
  14. Font

  15. The Coc'ks Clock

    ..that's all.