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  1. 3D Connect the Dots

    Welcome here Philip.. Note that the spider can crawl to any cork without spending its web. It would cut and stick web ends anywhere . Like the previous problem 7m is the length to beat. What is the minimum length that should connect 3 points?
  2. Connect the Dots

    The construction contract is yours..nice job.
  3. Connect the Dots

    @Buddyboy3000 Nice strategy ..
  4. Connect the Dots

    @tojo928 Your 7.65 mile road design is a good proposal.. but the budget is good only for road system shorter than 7.50 miles. Can you revise it? Thanks you for submitting your work.
  5. 3D Connect the Dots

    A spider is going to weave its new territory attaching to all the tips of wine corks at the cellar that are forming the 8 corners of a perfect cube (1 cu.m). The spider must conserve its web fluid (with least linear meter used) and move from cork to cork. Can you describe the shape of its web? How long it is?
  6. Connect the Dots

    Hi there bonanova. . You may consider curved and angled paths. but assume paving a narrower road on a flat open area. about 10 ft wide.
  7. Cutting a dorito

  8. Connect the Dots

    o--------1mile--------o--------1mile--------o | |1mile | | o--------1mile--------o--------1mile--------o | |1mile | | o--------1mile--------o--------1mile--------o Build a road system that access all the 9 towns shown on the map. How long is the total length of shortest pavement that can be constructed?
  9. The Encounter

    Is "farther" refers to the difference or to the comparison of distance? Both can be correct.. but often to refer to the difference.. we state 2times more unit distance.
  10. The Encounter

  11. Finding a triangle in a circle

    They overlapped on one side (blue)while intersects on the other 2 sides (red) near the vertex... the triangle height =0.7132 while the line distances =0.713 only .. can't fit between.
  12. Finding a triangle in a circle

    did the CAD again to prove bonanova's 11
  13. Anti-Square

    How many chess pieces you can place on a chessboard without forming a square? (the center of every piece must coincides middle of board squares)
  14. The Encounter

    _[ +]=== ===/ *]_ (o o o o) (o o o o) Two tanks are moving head on straight against each other without stopping. Green Tank top speed is 2x Unit distance/min. faster than Brown Tank. Green Tank bullet speed is 2x Unit distance/min. faster than Brown Tank. Brown Tank enemy detection range is 2x Unit distance farther than Green Tank. Brown Tank effective bullet range is 2x Unit distance farther than Green Tank. Which of the tanks hits the other first?
  15. Simple Math

    How can all existing mathematics Equations be combined into one single Formula?