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  1. In case of attack the black pawns disappear from the chessboard. But the black pawns can spawn to any square that is not attacked by white pieces. Black can not spawn on any occupied squares. White makes regular moves. Can you eliminate all the pawns with eleven white moves?
  2. Welcome here @ Silver. Note that the fool's mate requires 4 tosses
  3. Will it be more interesting to play none turn-base chess with balanced skill and luck? With all regular rules applied, starting with initial position, the first move depends on head or tail result of the coin toss. Next move likewise and so on until white/black wins or draw. While in case a player's King is in check, it is his turn to make a move unless it is a checkmate. Suppose I want to help win against myself in five or less coin spins, what is the best probability that I can make a checkmate?
  4. @bonanova- yes one block with S dimension can be . You may like to recall the the Rectangram puzzle posted here where just 5 rectangles with unique integer dimensions form the smallest square.
  5. It would be easier to solve if anyone suspected that all figures (not only the 16 objects ) have 16 squares within and may also be formed from the 5 polyominoes.. the 'snake' on boarder would rule out a 2x2 or T polyomino..and some symbol like the 'bullhead" with halfside lenght indicate a cut or group assembly..
  6. Most blocks in the solution above have the same dimension with themselves like 2x3x3 or 2x2x1..Op implicates that the blocks dont have square faces. There should be W1xH1xL1, W2xH2xL2,W3xH3xL3, so on. All blocks dimensions are unique integers. I checked my solution twice but find it wrong the third time. It happens to have a hollow inside. It looks too hard to solve without computer but thought there is a solution or more for smallest SxSxS box.
  7. A cubical box is required to contain a set of different colored wooden blocks that do not have the same dimension (LxWxH integer units) with any other block or itself. What is the smallest box inside dimensions?
  8. All other figures and the boarder design can also be formed from that 5 polyominoes. @tumb's up rocdocmac
  9. An archaeological artifact is depicting figures of some natural and artificial objects like the sun, moon, comet, star, flower, horse, bird , insect, headdress, mountains, river, house, weapons, bonfire and necklace. The translation of the symbol message below is "WIND, RAIN, FLAME, SOIL, ESSENCE". According to experts, there are 5 polyomino tiles that were used as patterns for making the outline of the figures in this artwork. They also believed that these 5 tiles altogether should fill and fit in any of the 16 figures depicted above. What are these polyominoes?
  10. plane triangle solution.. image by Joel Harmon
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