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  1. TimeSpaceLightForce

    The Dollar Bill

  2. TimeSpaceLightForce

    The Dollar Bill

  3. TimeSpaceLightForce

    The Dollar Bill

    nice but not the most that he can earn
  4. TimeSpaceLightForce

    The Dollar Bill

    Bill has five pennies . He shall make as many triangles as he can to gain more money. For every unique triangle that he creates on a flat table (3 corners at centers of coins) he wins a nickle but for some triangles that dont overlap or intersect with other triangles, he wins a dime. He shall declare the triangles he formed on the table. So Bill can name the identical coins A,B,C,D and E. Note U$ penny is 1-cent, nickle is 5-cents and dime is 10-cents. How shall Bill put all his coins on the table for greatest earnings?
  5. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

    that is cool .. a layout other than all vertical dominoes .
  6. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

    the above gif was copied from googled image .. i guess it is also a puzzle: where you place all 28 pieces of the double six set..vertical and horizontal dominoes are allowed.
  7. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

    @Thalia the columns can contain two of any of 0 1 2 3 4 5 6.. (8squares)
  8. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Cutting pizza

  9. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

    A double six domino set. made up of 28 domino tiles.
  10. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

    Can you arrange the 6 x 6 domino set in order that all columns and rows contains 0 - 6 ?
  11. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Square Free

    @rocdocmac Your 2nd solution is the only position I thought possible. plasmid almost have it if he made adjustment of "d7" Salutes for your 2 more solutions!
  12. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Square Free

  13. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Square Free

  14. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Smallest Grid to Fit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

  15. TimeSpaceLightForce

    Square Free