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  1. Roster: 1. maurice 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 4. 5. 6. 7. bonanova 8. 9. 10. Roster: 1. maurice 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 4. 5. 6. 7. bonanova 8. 9. 10. BTW I left this post doubled, rather then editing it, so Site Admin could look at it.
  2. Nice stab! I made a picture of it.
  3. A triangle has sides of length {1, 1, sqrt(2)}. What is the length of the shortest cut that divides the triangle into two pieces that have equal areas?
  4. Yes. I said "for reasons given earlier" or something like that cuz someone mentioned Aus's powers might be good for endgame. Nice catch. PGP means (I think) Pretty Good Privacy, an encryption scheme, from back in the early '90s.
  5. I'll send a note to Site Admin about the double posts. Does it seem to you that whole site is verrrrryyyy slllooooowwwww as well?
  6. Araver beat plasmid in a set of tennis, winning six games to plasmid's three. There were five service breaks (games in which the serving player lost.) Who served the first game?
  7. That was my huge screw-up (last I had looked, the vote was a tie which I took to be safe, then I forgot I had a work-out session at the gym - with a PT or I would have skipped it - that kept me from checking back before the 4pm EST deadline.) Damage control, I had to consider how much info to disclose to explain it, without it sounding like fake news / alternative facts. Decided to wait for conclusions and talk them down, quietly, instead, which seemed to work.Anyway, I let the goodie team down, especially MikeD, and I apologize for that. @Thalia, when you turned from chatty to serious you confirmed your identity. Too late, as it turned out. Hoist on my own petard. Thanks to Araver for a fine game. I am totally up (down?) for another game.
  8. So are we all cool with the voting as it stands?
  9. (1) Burying the lead is a mistake of amateur journalists. Instead of stating the main idea up front. (Like implying you're not Sweden.) (2) Exactly right, and the odds unfortunately seem to be in your favor.
  10. Agree. Our job today is to best-guess the secret countries, and keep them safe. Since only Thalia know who they are, we should comb thru her posts. Try to see when she targeted specific country(ies) without an (otherwise) apparent reason. That said, does lynching China today make sense? Thalia's point (2) above advocates lynching China, so we know that would benefit her. Unfortunately, I acted last night so I can't un-quarantine Thalia today - she can't be lynched. After more thought ... this post just reiterates FB and MM. We may be screwed.
  11. Great puzzle from the past, resurrected by TinkuVNCK. Because the OP seems to have left the forum, I'm marking mghoffman78 as first solver upvoting plasmid for heroic calculation of the answer upvoting guru_bhai for an "elegant proof" upvoting TinkuVNCK for a cute, quick-and-dirty algorithm upvoting fritzb for a nice closed form solution Good work all.
  12. (1) Not likely ... Deception Rule #1: Bury the lead when you're lying; don't lead with it. (2) You agree killing China before Sweden is best. Plus, it lets you breathe a little longer. (3) It exposed the rest of us, but why wouldn't you want to know? Oh, you're one of us. I get it. (4) It seems that's all you've got left to try.
  13. Sounds good. Host: araver 1. Thalia - quarantined by Sweden 2. bonanova - voting for Maurice 3. Molly Mae - voting for Maurice 4. Flamebirde - voting for Maurice 5. maurice - voting for Flamebirde 6. MikeD - Lynched D1 as United Kingdom 7. plasmid - Invaded N1 by China
  14. Because plas is US? Did you claim?
  15. Suppose China and Sweden are outed. Do the goodies ensure a win, and, who is targeted first?