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  1. bonanova

    Rodent Riddle

    I watch word riddles in awe from the sidelines cuz my brain is wired deductively rather than inductively. On this one, tho, as a musician of sorts, I have to say, bravo! Great riddle and great solve!
  2. bonanova

    Bowling for equilateral triangles

    OK thx.
  3. bonanova

    I might be a writer

    That's the answer I'm looking for. If you put your two posts together, you've got it.
  4. bonanova

    Brain Teaser

    Agree. If "Heidi" is the intended subject of "found," a 2nd "who" would serve no purpose except to confuse. It would not be used. Instead, Heidi is { immediately right of (Person A) } and found { more caches than (Person B) }. But since there are two "who"s, it's proper to bind them to the same (and closest) antecedent: ..... (Person A) { who has flown ... } and { who found more ... } 7) Heidi is immediately right of the person who has flown over from the States, and who found more caches than the UK cacher. 40 Traditional cache where found by a European cacher, their favourite type. Agree. They could not be Pitches 3 and 5, for example. I also fixed a typo in my interpretation post.
  5. bonanova

    Square Free

  6. bonanova

    Brain Teaser

    My interpretations I believe gives this solution
  7. bonanova

    Riddle of Lies

  8. bonanova

    I might be a writer

    Yes, sir, that is exactly the right track.
  9. bonanova

    One Girl - One Boy

    They are equally likely but they are not the same. But it's worse than that. The OP is deficient, because it does not tell us how we came to know what we know. Instead, let's create a situation where we know how we know what we know, and therefore will let us find the probability that "the other kid is a girl," unambiguously. Doing that, we know the answer is 1/3.
  10. bonanova


    So, while not being a correct solution, this would meet that qualification?
  11. bonanova


    Once letters start getting removed it quickly gets easier. At the start it's very hard. How much of a clue are you willing to share? I don't want to disclose too much, but would you be willing to confirm the politician is male and contemporaneous? Initials or country of affiliation might be too revealing.
  12. bonanova

    the distinguished matrix

    This sounds a lot, but not exactly, like eliminating variables from sets of equations. Is that the idea?
  13. bonanova

    I might be a writer

  14. bonanova

    Brainden races

    Both answers state correctly that (a) winning distances give speed ratios and (b) combined speed ratio gives combined winning distance. What part of that can be more (or less) straightforward?