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  1. If the effects of air resistance could be removed, what would be the shape of the trajectory of an object (say a football or a bullet fired into the air) in free fall under the influence of Earth's gravity?
  2. Forgot one ?

    If it's any consolation, for 5 seconds I thought that was the answer. But then I thought "that's not a puzzle." Then I had it. 
  3. What am i ? 2

    Could it be  
  4. Forgot one ?

    Well for starters it's NOT  
  5. check digit problem

    Same approach. May not be sophisticated, likely not optimally efficient, but took only about 15 minutes. We're both "very close" and "exactly the same"? I guess we haven't proved the answers are unique. Starting with a different seed might yield different results. Anyway, here are my numbers:    
  6. The Building

    How about:  
  7. check digit problem

    Unless I'm counting wrong, it's  
  8. English

    Are you saying they're not measurement units at all? Or just that they are not SI (rationalized MKS) units of measurement in particular?
  9. Rights Of Passage

    Here's some canon fodder, could it be  
  10. brain teaser sent by a friend that I can't solve

    One  way to find out is to send emails and see which addresses (don't) bounce.
  11. Gold Bar on a Bus

    True, it's reasonable. But could it be said that the bar was too large for the bus? @Mortie, did it say too large to "fit inside" the bus, specifically?
  12. Olympic paradox

    I think the fact that they might eventually meet and have to play each other would make that not possible.
  13. Radar clock

  14. Really?

    Is ii real?
  15. Radar clock

    @DejMar, that's not the result I get, but I also wonder