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  1. You got it. The thing kinda popped into my head while pondering PG's puzzle.
  2. Eying Brexit supporters with a butcher's knife. (8)
  3. Damn. I love that these are obvious in hindsight.
  4. Good to see you around again, PG!
  5. Not particularly. I got hung up on Ace for quite awhile (the card + a pilot). "spit them out upon the wave" and the MASH reference really stumped me, as well. It definitely passes the decalogue, and I think the answer is obvious in hindsight.
  6. Capsule (the dichotomy being the space capsule and a medicinal capsule).
  7. Molly Mae


    12 billion dollars, I'd wager.
  8. Liner (as in eye liner or cruise liner or the lining of a garment).
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