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  1. I lied. I can show you two numbers whose average is even that cannot be reduced to their average (and thus not reduced to 0) without a third plate. The example of {4,8}. These two alone cannot be reduced to 0. As soon as you add in a third plate, regardless of the number on that plate, you can reduce one of them to 0. That is the cornerstone of my reasoning, but I'm not certain I can express it.
  2. I sure don't! But I also couldn't find an easy way to express the relationship between (1) the average of two numbers being even and (2) the third plate. That's when I disappeared down the rabbit hole of the difference between a and b being divisible by 4. I think we're in the same boat, though. We just can't come up with a way to express what's in our heads. Whenever I'm in a situation like this (which happens pretty often), I sit back and watch the rest of you all solve where I have struggled. Godspeed, my friends! Should anything pop into my head, I will be certain to post it. EDIT: What if we rename the plates to a, a+x, and a+y (or a+x+y)?
  3. I can show you by counterexamples that they don't always land at the average (if, for example, their average is odd [say 4, 6], you'll never be able to double to the average). That's why I considered evaluating the difference between two as being divisible by 4 (instead of 2). Perhaps you'll succeed where I have failed.
  4. I think if we're getting into the analysis of the logical AND, we could say that any of them are telling falsehoods. The trees, for example, could have been pear trees instead, so the entire statement would evaluate false. I doubt that's the intention of the puzzle.
  5. I never participated in the Brian Dennis series, but I do remember them. Welcome back!
  6. For some reason, my spoilers are disappearing. Is that normal? Anyway, I don't think this deserves a spoiler. Lying can refer to placing oneself in a horizontal position, but it is also the act of being untruthful. Incidentally, I can find no evidence that "lieing" is an English word. With that in mind, you could say that Dick has a brother who is currently reclining and nobody murdered anybody in this situation.
  7. Oh, jeez, you're right. I dunced that pretty good.
  8. Paul's game: Peter's game: Clarifying non-spoiler question: Does Peter let you roll all 6 dice for free (or $1) the first roll? Or must you pay $6 to roll all 6 dice the first time?
  9. I felt like I was reading Vonnegut again and almost cried. And then I didn't, and that made me almost cry again. I miss Kurt. But yes, this post is brilliant. Mad, to be sure. But brilliant.
  10. I literally laughed out loud when I read the answer. I thought it was going to be meh, but it ended up being much more clever than I am.
  11. Arabian spousal (or just spouse) reception An attractive East African
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