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  2. Letters do not come to my mail, there is memory, mail is active, there are no prohibitions, what could be the problem?
  3. My cat called Phoenix has the roam of the house, at night, including usually sleeping in my bedroom. The window was open downstairs, and there was food left for him. But on one occasion, he decided that he wanted me to go downstairs with him. Maybe for some more food, or maybe because I forgot to open the window on that occasion. I can't actually remember. Anyway, what do you think my cat did to get me to go downstairs with him. I have asked this question to three or four people. No person has yet come up with what my cat actually did on this and on several other occasions. Although only about 4 times. One of the occasions what he did will amaze you. Can you think of the answer?
  4. For any Convex Quadrilateral, show that the ratio of the Area to its Perimeter^2 is always <1/16, bonus points if you can show that it holds for concave quadrilaterals (not squares).
  5. Hello everyone :) I open this thread to talk to you about my first app ever created. The riddle tower. It's a game i plan to update for 4 full seasons full of riddles. Season 1 is out and you can find it at Google play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riddletower I am more than happy to keep this thread to talk about riddles/questions and anything you want to ask about it. Thanks in advance. If for any reason i posted this at the wrong section please let me know to fix it.
  6. That certainly is the main portion of the answer, but not all of it.
  7. Hello there! I had playing lot of puzzles but Jumble Solver is a word unscrambler tool used to help users when playing word games or solving anagrams. Free and simple to use, Jumble Solver makes all possible words from the letters given. Use it to win Scrabble, WWF, or Crosswords.
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