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  2. QuickBooks is extensively used accounting software, which is used by small and medium-sized businesses. It helps business users to manage their accounting tasks. I am also using it for maintaining the financial related entries. When I try to open QuickBooks, I am receiving QuickBooks won’t open error. This error code may be very frustrating and annoying for me, so I am unable to rectify QuickBooks won’t open issue. I am experiencing from the last month, so I look for QuickBooks professionals. I don’t have much more accounting and bookkeeping knowledge to rectify this error code. Could anyone s
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  4. A monk started out at 7:00 am at the bottom of the mountain and climbed to the top arriving at 7:00 pm He prayed all thru the night and at 7:00 am started down the mountain arriving at the bottom at 7:00 pm. Is there a point on the mountain trail where the monk was at the same time going up and coming down Proof please
  5. Fold rope in 1/2 then again in 1/4 allow 1/4 to burn =15 minutes
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  7. Q: You have ONE rope. If you lit it from one end and allowed to go on till it reaches the other end, the total time the rope takes to get burnt is one hour. How do you use the rope to time 15 minutes? I read this from a book and it looks a bit like a the classical "rope burning question". However, in the classical question (eg. https://tzookb.com/two-ropes-brainteaser), you are given two ropes where each rope takes an hour to burn from one end. In the book I read, however, you only have ONE rope, so I couldn't figure out how to time 15 minutes. Could anyone figure out a way to time
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  9. The answer is not zero, but you would need more information, like cross sectional area, length, weight or density of material, and molar mass of material. Relativisticly speaking it is infinitesimally close to zero, but definitely not zero, because we can predict the number of atoms or molecules, which is a lot... there is one factor that is 50/50 and that is whether there is an odd number or even number of atoms/molecules. imagine it like this, you are the size of an atom , you see a rope of 3 similar atoms bonded the probability becomes zero, just like if you had one atom...unless your knif
  10. You just proved that 17+38+45-(17+38) equals 45. That's not useful information
  11. This is similar to the proofreaders problem.
  12. In the prison of the magical world Azkaban all prisoners are kept in solitary cells and have no way of communicating. One day Reginald Candlenut, an auror, burst into the office of chief warden Teophilius Betelfax. "Mr Betelfax, I fear that two prisoners have somehow found a way to communicate despite the strong measures. Thanks to the charm Amplifo Petri I heard crackling in the prison walls. I made a large number of measurements in equal intervals and found that in 45% of them there is silence, in 38% there is a single crackling sound and in the remaining 17% there are two crackling so
  13. Hi, even I am looking for the same. Do let me know incase anybody is able to find it. Thanks
  14. I've meant to say my goodbye in a good way, but the puzzle shall replace that. I hope you get better with pain of your headaches by the way, though I wonder if this is a coincidence lol, if it is then my heart can't take it. This message is another puzzle, obviously, and if you get back and I'm not here then you should solve it as well. I did say I would only kill myself if you can't solve the puzzle before, but things don't always work out better and you know that. You should solve the one before first before this one, this is a continuation of what I wanted to say after all. I rea
  15. Hey all - I helped create this game and wanted to share it with the community! The game is called Encoder and if you enjoy decoding encrypted messages with friends (minimum three players), I'm sure you'll like this game, for desktop only. To play go here: https://encoder.world/ and check out the 'how to' section to learn how to play here: https://encoder.world/help/ I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks for the support!
  16. Nothing wrong with the "formula" in red! The distance here is expressed in parsec (pc), where 1 pc ~31 trillion km.
  17. Hello everyone! A friend asked me this one: What is the minimum distance from the Earth to Mars, in kilometres? He also showed me this: 1.8668509 x 10-6 pc After searching a bit I've learned that the minimum distance from the Earth to Mars is about 54.6 million kilometres, but my friend says that the answer is not correct and that I have to look to the "formula?" he showed. I ask you to give me a hand on this one, because I'm stuck... Thank you!
  18. I know what the answer is, but can someone please explain the line about bloodstained ball and chain? I'm not understanding the relevance.
  19. I'm hoping for some help understanding the concept of objective truth, or more specifically, what kinds of conclusions can be accurately described as objectively false: If the reasoning for an argument includes a logical fallacy, then the conclusion is logically invalid, and therefore objectively false. Is that right, to describe that conclusion as "objectively false"? What if it doesn't include a fallacy, but does include an assumption, or a subjective interpretation of circumstantial evidence? Is that objectively false, or merely, not objectively true? Is any conclusion tha
  20. 60-40= 20 car lengths; therefor man walked only 10 car lengths. ; mans rate is 3 mph; t = d / speed ; We have to look at the 1st car in each direction .as a unit of length Now assume 10 cl to be 1 mile 1m / 3 mph =.333 hrs; traveling in same direction train traveled = 40 + 10 = 50 lts =5 miles ; s = d / t 5 m/ .33 hrs = 15 mph train traveling opposite direction =60 - 10 = 50 lts = 5m; 5m / .33 hrs = 15 mph So let us assume a different value for 10cl = 0.5 miles ; 0.5 / 3mph = 016666667 hrs ; 50 cl = 2.5 m; 2.5 m / 0.16666666667 = 15 mp
  21. 60-40= 20 car lengths; therefor man walked only 10 car lengths. ; mans rate is 3 mph; t = d / speed ; Now assume 10 cl to be 1 mile . / 3 mph =.333 hrs; traveling in same direction train traveled = 40 + 10 = 50 lts =5 miles ; s = d / t 5 m/ .33 hrs = 15 mph train traveling opposite direction =60 - 10 = 50 lts = 5m; 5m / .33 hrs = 15 mph So let us assume 10cl = 0.5 miles ; 0.5 / 3mph = 016666667 hrs ; 50 cl = 2.5 m; 2.5 m / 0.16666666667 = 15 mph Regardless of what value in miles is assumed for 10 car lengths the answer is 15 mph 60-40
  22. 3 friends spent the nite drinking to celebrate their reunion. They then decided to share a hotel room. The clerk charged them $30 Total and gave them a room on the third floor. After they went up to their room, the desk clerk realized today was to be a Special Price of $27 total . So instead of costing them $30 ea., it was supposed to be $25 total. He asked the bellboy to return $5 to the customers. On the way up to their room, the bellboy decided to only return $3 of the $5 for easier calculation by the customer, so instead of costing them $30 ($10 ea.) , it now cost them $27 ($9 ea.).
  23. Take the bottom of the L and make it an II.... so II +VIII =X. Can't have four I's....not roman character.
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