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  3. he is a liar! he said "all cretans are liars", meaning he is a liar...so he is lying about that.......meaning all cretans are truth tellers(or something of that sort), but that cant be true..because he just lied about all cretans being liars.....so the truth is a LIE! But maybe when he lied about all cretans being liars...he was meaning not all of them are liars....so he is among that fraction of liars. there. he is the liar. that brute !
  4. I sort of hesitate to relay a tongue in cheek report I read a while back that photochromic materials are not of recent discovery, but were actually known back in the time of Alexander the Great. A black substance could be ground into powder and dissolved in water. Alexander’s troops would soak strips of cloth torn from their togas in this solution and tie them around their wrists. As the sun rose, traversed the sky and then set, the treated cloth would change color, and by glancing at them his men could tell the approximate time of day. They called it Alexander’s Rag Time Band.
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  6. 1) What gets higher as it falls? snow 2) How do you stop moles from digging in your garden? put pegs in the ground 3) Why did the overweight actor fall through the theater floor? the trap door was open 4) What happened to the man who invented the silent alarm clock? he died...well everyone does eventually! 5) What's the best known star with a tail? Lassie 6) How did an actor get his name up in lights in every theater in the country? he renamed himself Watts 7) Where would you find a square ring? at a boxing match 8.) What do you give a bald rabbit? a wooly jumper 9) How do you make a slow horse fast? add an engine 10) Why did Sam wear a pair of pants with three large holes? sam was a dog the third hole for his tail
  7. a coin is flipped until it comes up tails. lets call the number of flips T. I'll randomly place 3^T in one box, and 3^(T-1) in the other. now i give you the option of choosing one box. after seeing the contents, you can switch. would it be to your advantage to switch?
  8. i know its fairly late to answer this, still... if the earth and the space ship are traveling constant velocity you would be correct. but generally the rocket accelerates, (at least until its out of the atmosphere) and you can tell when you accelerate.
  9. M.C.L.


    I would guess 2.1.0 that then becomes IDK; Schools just going slow and I want something to think about.
  10. i have no idea. if i was forced to guess, i would guess either 4 or 5.
  11. It doesn't matter which bowl because it says there are five poisonous apples, they are just separated differently. Three poisonous apples in one bowl and two in the next one. So for those people trying to calculate the odds stop, because which ever bowl you pick all the apples are poisoned. It's called a riddle, not a math equation.
  12. I choose the second bowl. The other person has to go first. I never have to eat an apple. :)
  13. Hi, we just created a retro-neon-'90-style little arcade game to help your brain getting better at tracking multiple objects at the same time (light orbs in this case). I would really like some input on it if any of you could install it and play a bit that would be awesome. First levels should be easy but the deeper you get in, the deeper you have to focus! Good luck!https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... ames.orbiehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mikJUReVBIY
  14. What happens if you need two apples to die from poison overdose and one poisoned apple is fine for you. would it be : 4/5 * 3/4 * 2/3 = 40% Survival for the Second Bowl and 3/5 * 2/4 = 30% Survival for the First one ? You don't die instantly in this extra riddle from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmkCS5eA4f8
  15. Riddles are often a play on words so here's my guess - "In the first bowl there are 3 out of 5 Poisonous Apples." That means that there are a total of 5 Poisonous Apples. It does NOT mean that there are 3 Poisonous Apples and 2 Regular Apples in Bowl 1. It means that there are 3 Poisonous Apples in Bowl 1 and 2 Poisonous Apples in Bowl 2. I believe Bowl 1 has 3 Poisonous apples and nothing else. Bowl 2 has 2 Poisonous apples and nothing else, meaning you can't even eat 3 apples because there are only 2 apples in the bowl. Eat from Bowl 2 because you won't have to eat any apples, especially after Bowl 1 eater is poisoned.
  16. You wouldn’t get 6.66% because you’re choosing that you didn’t eat a poisoned one so you would have to do 3/5*2/4*1/3 for that one because the 3/5 is choosing that you ate the alright one and you wouldn’t get 3.33% because you did the same thing wrong as you would have to choose the odds of 2/5*1/4*2/3 because the 2/3 is that you eat the healthy one at the end which you would already be dead. Your answer would be if you had eaten all three poisoned ones in a row.
  17. Find the meaning of this graphic nonsense :P I can give hints if needed, but please don't reveal raw data from intermediate steps, even in spoiler boxes. When you have found a result, hash it using sha256: the first 8 characters of the hash are 190a7ba4, give me the next 8. Start here:
  18. well but if you say there are 9 eggs in a dozen that could be left to human interpretation but if you were to say an inequality there are at least 9 eggs in a dozen but at max 12 eggs you could write it e=amount of eggs 8<e<12 so when talking about the months in general from the minimum maximumday you could write it d=amount of day minimum maximum 28<d<31
  19. Stefaan


    Consider the following sequence: 0 1 1.0 2 1.0.0 1.1 3 2.0 1.0.1 What is next in the sequence?
  20. I wish to point out a trivial mistake in my OP ... The value at position C10 (1223) and the one at J11 (1226) have inadvertently not been swapped before posting, So both these values are in their correct placings. This means that only 14 swaps need to be done. No extra cycles, all straightforward X ↔ Y (one exchange per number with another).
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