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  3. Hi Everyone! First I'm looking on the internet about about some fun and suddenly I see Brainden.com I click on the website and visit completely and suddenly I see Brainden Forum I click and visit and i see interesting in FORUM This is A knowledgeable and I suddenly create account and joined this forum....
  4. Let x = time taken to travel by foot. So via animals = 1/3 * x/2 + 2 * x/2 = 1/6 x + 2/2 x = x(1/6 + 1) = x (7/6) so 1/6 slower if he took the animals
  5. "Bob is going on a journey. For the first half he takes a horse cart, which goes 3 times faster than he can walk. For the second half he took an oxen cart, which goes half as fast as he can walk. Would he have gone faster or slower if he had walked all the way on foot? And how much time is saved for the faster way?" Answer: slower. by 1/4 of the speed 3 * x/2 + -1/2 x/2 = 3/2 x - 1/4 x = x( 6/4 - 1/4) = x (5/4) so 1/4 speed faster if Bob took the faster way via his trusty animals :)
  6. Hey guys i just published my first game in google play just want your opinion and what should i improve ik its bad but let me know what should i do to improve https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scopedgames.kidsmemory thank you sm
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  8. The last in the row who can see all 19 will say “black or red” as the answer
  9. GNV

    Think about these

    For question 6, you could say "maybe" as an answer. That way your next word isn't no but you are not lying.
  10. Hello, ive just made this account cause im desperate and need help with a riddle/puzzle i've been sitting on for a few days now, and i cant figure out the solution for the life of me. the game is: testoffailure (if you wanna try it youself go ahead its fun) it is a URL based riddle which means you enter the answer of the puzzle on any given page in the URL and it takes you to the next page/puzzle (so /answer.html) The page um stuck on is this one (dont click if you dont wanna give it a try yourself) id be so thankful if anyone could help me figure this out. the answers are mostly one word answers. thanks in advance, wabbels
  11. Could be Humble Pie. As for the claimed answer, how could the answer "obviously" be nothing? This would be a stupid riddle then. I do not believe that could be the answer. Unless it was just a senseless, stupid question in the first place. Riddles are supposed to be more interesting.
  12. Joe


    I only see 1 F here
  13. YAY! second number: the last digit of powers of 3 runs through the cycle (3971), with exponent divisible by 4 ending in 1. 556677 is 1mod4 so it ends in 3.
  14. Well i guess that a bus driver is a non-adult, well done DMV, you let a minor drive a bus.
  15. Hi there! A little help needed with this riddle: "A fuel tanker with a capacity of 12500 liters in which the engine fuel comes directly from the tank, has to transport 50,000 liters at a distance of 2,500 km. The fuel tanker consumes 20 liters of fuel for every 100 km. How many liters of fuel were stored after transportation was over?" Thanks in advance!
  16. Thank you Rocdocmac. Once I’m done with this, I’m going to take a high level math class on how to divide by 4.
  17. How embarrassing! I see your point, Rocdocmac. Here’s the new improved answer:
  18. I’m pretty sure I know; the answer follows and then hidden analysis:
  19. Earlier today (whilst attending his birthday party) I asked Andy his age, but he said that I can figure that out easily by myself! All I had to do was to add four numbers together. The first of these four numbers is the last digit in the figure obtained when 2 is raised to the power of 667788 (2667788). Similarly, I had to find the last digit in the evaluation of 3556677, 7445566, and 8334455 to complete the sum. If today is the 12th of March 2020, when was Andy born?
  20. asdfghjkl127


    The correct answer is to just wear sandals. Then die because you realize you accidentally put on mismatching socks before you put the sandals on.
  21. 18. That is because these are completely different typists who are typing different size pages than the last ones. These 18 typists have average 5000 wpm (somehow), but must write massive pages that requires these impressive typists 18 minutes to complete 18 pages.
  22. Easy! Nobody is a crazy idiot who was shot when he was carrying that stuff. He dropped them afterwards. The reason the "but" is in the sentence is because the reader would assume that the crazy person, who was unfortunate enough to be named "Nobody", was also carrying a knife, which he thew at the owner of the lawn. After he was declared dead on the scene and removed from the lawn the objects were not picked up yet until the officers returned to the scene to pick them up as evidence... the knife, which ended up in the middle of the road, was also picked up as evidence. These items were not "put"/placed anywhere. They were dropped accidentally. If I see another snowman, I will tell them that they were put on the lawn. They merely changed their elevation when the snow melted.
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