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  2. I understood the OP that you can only remove X coins from ONE chest and deduce the contents of all chests by observing removed coins. What's the lowest X?
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  4. The penguins may look like they are a bit mixed up but there is some order among what looks like chaos. Some of the penguins are wonderful at following the leader. I have tried to solve by numbers of penguins in each pose and by looking at what pose follows each different penguin. There is a 4 digit answer and I'm not getting it. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks! Penguin Problem.pdf
  5. Hi everyone!
  6. suppose instead, take 1 from each chest (COUNT is 3) you will have 2 coins the same & the odd box would either the gold 50 (now 49) or the silver 40 (now 39). the matching, let's say "silver" coins one is the 39 the other 19 - sadly you may not be lucky enough to draw gold from the 20 er 19 chest until the 10th coin from that chest is drawn- when a gold coin is found (or not) we know each of those 2. So without a merciful reveal the total will have been 3 + 10. But maybe , if y're fortunate... the 4th draw will be the reveal. My previous consideration would have come to 11 plus 1 = 12
  7. are they simply "mystery trunks" - not revealing count? & not the Letter?! only that there are 50 G and 40 S Eleven would determine 10-10 ----> ran through all the S or all the G if it is different - then it is the "10-10" one would then need to move to a different box ------> & there you have it!! where the next draw reveals itself as either all G or all S [if G then it is A]; [if S, then it is B] We know that chest A have more coins than chest B. one chest contains 50 gold coins and next one contains 40 silver coins and the last one contains 10 gold coins and 10 silver coins. BUT WHAT IF the 11th draw was the same?? i one would then need to move to a different box ------> & either the mix or the other "all" what then. lift the box 50 or 20? i know that's lame.... gonna go think some more...
  8. And Wilson strikes again! Threw in some wordplay for hints but should have known one of you two would unravel this one quickly. Hope your holidays are great! BTW, did uou pick up on the monkey fist hint?
  9. Jings it’s been a while……is this perhaps a section from the KNOT tie list?
  10. The thing that makes this problem different is
  11. I get 13. Take one coin of each chest. a) You get two Gold, one Silver: Silver is identified, remains to distinguish all_Gold and Gold_Silver. Take 10 more coins from the first G: - if they are all gold, you identified all_Gold, the remaining is Gold_Silver - if you get a silver coin, you identified Gold_Silver, the remaining is all_Gold b) You get one Gold, two Silver: Same proceeding, permute Gold/Silver.
  12. You could always be certain of each chest's identity after pulling 12 coins. If you're lucky, you might be able to know them after pulling a single coin.
  13. The riddle: What is the 125th Bracelet number?
  14. 22 coins in the worst scenary , 12 in the best.
  15. Might you be And nice to see you again, master Shakee!
  16. Hello, I have this logical question: We have 3 chests A, B, C. We know that chest A have more coins than chest B. Also we know that one the chest contains 50 gold coins and next one contains 40 silver coins and the last one contains 10 gold coins and 10 silver coins. What is lowest number of coins blindly taken from chest which guarantees content determination of each chest? Sorry english is not my native language. Good Luck
  17. A good question would be "How many steps on average until I win?"
  18. Hello fellow puzzlers, I would like to share with you a new type of logic puzzle I recently released, named Hexado. I've included today's puzzle of the day as an example. You can also have a go solving these puzzles at the free puzzle site I created. Happy Puzzling!
  19. My primitive fists your hands resist And measure not on earth, So often sure to keep secure What a mate regards of worth. Oft in line, the end of line So negative to the ear, Just cast an eye, not to the sky, You'll likely find me near.
  20. Hi guys, I like your page! I'm Sebastian and I'm puzzle and brain teaser lover and collector. Maybe I have tip for you today. Do you know www.shok.cz ? This guy from Czech republic makes rare and brutal steel puzzles and one piece of each puzzle only (that's why they are quite expensive). They definitely attract look, I have two puzzles and I love it! Heavy pieces that makes your hand dirty I have new account here so I'll put some pictures later. Cheers Sebastian Source https://www.physicsforums.com/forums/general-discussion.14/post-thread
  21. DAre


  22. It is often difficult to motivate a child to memorize a table of multiplication; often, they feel this is boring. There is a solution: practicing tables using funny games, and all this is possible on this multiplication website. Everything on this site is entirely free and can be played without logging in or downloading.
  23. Hi there, well spotted. Ranks have been added recently and I have recalculated them for all the past posts (it took a few days). You have been awarded the highest rank - Grand Master. Here are the points needed for ranks. Points are received mainly for each new created topic (10 points) and for each reply to existing topic (5 points). There are also a few other badges, eg. for 500 posts or for 1 year since joining.
  24. A very creative and great idea, I think this idea will be implemented and invented many other ideas.
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