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  1. Pairing the points

    Probably not what you have in mind, but I realized part of my previous answer was superfluous so this is a little more elegant and gets rid of some hand waving.
  2. I’m not a gardener

    Right on, Cygnet! Hopefully things make sense to readers with that answer in mind, but I'll go ahead and say what I was thinking for each of the clues.
  3. I’m not a gardener

    None of the above, I’m afraid. A barrel (particularly if it’s a wine barrel) could fit most of the clues except for the oddly even adulating when not dispensing slight, and for wine I would have called the roses red and white instead of pink and white while for this riddle it definitely should be pink and white. I can say that thirteen is not involved in this riddle; the oddly even among the 14 is among a natural group of 14. And a bringer of good luck is involved, but I’m looking for something that can do everything from grow the pink and white roses, adulate or dispense slight, and fit the last two lines.
  4. I’m not a gardener

    I like the double meaning that would give to the clue about adulating when not dispensing slight. But alas, I can't say that was planned. Looking for something with a clearer interpretation of being "oddly even" in light of the 14 clue, and another very related thing with a clear role in invoking good luck. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "band" in the first line; something like "gang" would work just as well without having connotations of a loop.
  5. How obtuse are triangles?

    Two more answers to add to ThunderCloud's.
  6. I’m not a gardener

    I had to read up on that one a little bit. It certainly has the blossom like a rose and could go up in flames, but not what I'm going for with this one. Still looking for something something oddly even that adulates or slights, and a weaving invoking serendipity.
  7. Order the cards

    The four laws of card shifting
  8. Order the cards

    Any stipulation for what would make one algorithm superior to another -- fewest / simplest number of commands, or fewest maximum number of moves to reach the goal? I believe I can do it with four fairly simple commands that will take a maximum of 12 moves.
  9. I’m not a gardener

    Nah, no sports in particular or celebrities in general are involved in this riddle. This is something that everyone in the world will know about, although some of the clues refer to western cultural things that aren't quite completely universal.
  10. I’m not a gardener

    After reading up on it a bit, at least some of the clues could be explained with that answer, but I've got to say that it would require far more specialized knowledge than I would put in a riddle meant for the general public.
  11. I’m not a gardener

    Not silicon or glass, or anywhere along the elemental route. I had to do some research to see how well it would fit the clues, which obviously means it wasn’t what I had in mind. The fourteen makes sense with the atomic number, and I could see how silicon circuitry could invoke concepts of binary to explain the thing about adulating or dispensing slight. But there’s a particular reason why I chose pink and white as the colors of the “roses” that get cultivated, and I don’t think the part about serendipity when woven tight would apply to circuitry because determinism rather than luck is generally associated with electronics (at least in most people's minds to serve as a clue in a riddle).
  12. I’m not a gardener

    Wow, that sure would give new meaning to the last couplet, with oxygen as the halo! Not what I have in mind, though; too many other clues would go without an explanation that I could see.
  13. Emergency! Lynch Mob coming. Can you help?

    Yep, in the next-to-last sentence you give him an instruction that lets him know which of his two suspects are guilty without letting the eavesdroppers know.
  14. I’m not a gardener

    Getting cooler, neither a louse nor optics.