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  1. plasmid

    Walk the pattern

    Yes, and this has got to be among the most counter-intuitive properties of infinity that I know of.
  2. plasmid

    Walk the pattern

    Good, but now for the kicker. There's a reason I didn't specify the order in which I pulled out the rugs in the OP. After I finished pulling out every rug and walking the pattern forever, I went back and picked up all my rugs. Then instead of alternating odd-gons and 4x-gons, I placed two 4x-gons in a row before placing the next odd-gon. I still turned the same direction on every rug that I did before: still clockwise on every odd-gon and counterclockwise on every 4x-gon, so in the pattern 4-gon, 8-gon, 3-gon, 12-gon, 16-gon, 5-gon, 20-gon, 24-gon, 7-gon, 28-gon, 32-gon with clockwise turns on blue and counterclockwise on red. After that second forever, which way was I facing?
  3. plasmid

    Walk the pattern

    Clarification: when I walked the odd numbered N-gons I always turned clockwise. When I walked the multiple of 4-gons I always turned counterclockwise. For now, suppose I always alternated between an odd-gon and a 4x-gon without bothering to keep edge number monotonically increasing. So 3-gon, 4-gon, 5-gon, 8-gon, 7-gon, 12-gon, 9-gon, etc with clockwise turns on blue and counterclockwise on red. (Otherwise, yeah, it would be a mess.)
  4. plasmid

    Walk the pattern

    I once stood on a Cartesian plane at (0, 0) facing north (along the positive y-axis). I pulled out a rug in the shape of a regular triangle (which I call a 3-gon) and set it on the plane with one vertex at my feet at (0, 0) and with the center in the direction I was facing along the y-axis. I then started walking forward on the rug until I got to the center of the 3-gon, at which point I stopped and turned clockwise until I was facing a vertex, and I walked to that vertex of the 3-gon. Then I pulled out a rug in the shape of a square (which I call a 4-gon), put it with one vertex at my feet and with the center straight ahead of my current view (after that previous clockwise turn). I walked to the center of the 4-gon and then turned counterclockwise (instead of clockwise like on the odd-numbered N-gon rug), and started walking again as soon as I was facing a new vertex of the 4-gon. I kept repeating that for every odd numbered N-gon and every multiple of 4-gon. Which way was I facing after I did that forever?
  5. plasmid

    Coin hunt

    That looks like it nailed it, PG! As for a way of saying it in under a minute...
  6. plasmid

    I’m not Moby Dick

    I'll call that a hit. My thinking was...
  7. plasmid

    I’m not Moby Dick

    Getting warmer, but I'll definitely cause you (the listener of the riddle) more calamity if my insides get out and have my own "peaked wave" in the sea to sit under (mostly).
  8. plasmid

    I’m not Moby Dick

    Not a balloon, something else that's more characteristically under a peaked wave and mostly concealed.
  9. plasmid

    I’m not Moby Dick

    On the right track, but I get more riled up upon harpooning.
  10. plasmid

    I’m not Moby Dick

    Not a sink disposal. While I imagine the last stanza has happened with some of those, I hope it's not commonplace enough to belong in a riddle.
  11. plasmid

    I’m not Moby Dick

    On the right track, but not quite there yet.
  12. plasmid

    I’m not Moby Dick

    I feast on meals of mindless fare With blubber to keep it all in For what’s inside should stay right there Or you’ll face a calamitous end ‘Neath peaking wave I spend the days While mostly conceal’d, I presume Unless my presence breath betrays As characteristic’s my spume Alas, I find myself engaged By man with a wretched harpoon Assaulted thus, I shriek enraged With hellish retort for the goon
  13. plasmid

    Poisoned Needles

    How I'm interpreting it so far:
  14. plasmid

    Random passengers

  15. Optimizing Captain Ed’s answer a little more