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  1. The wincons for both the goodie faction and the baddie faction are "last standing" while the wincon for the indy is to outlive two secret countries and the secret alliance (which in this case is just China) and the game stops if Sweden wins. If China is eliminated and Sweden outlives the two secret countries to meet its wincon, does that mean the UN Alliance loses? If so, Sweden is almost as much of a threat as China.
  2. Not that, Thalia. While it's on the right track in invoking a machine, I'm looking for one that really does get into gear while it's twisting and exposing. (And odd that the nested quote won't appear.... and that it was nested in the first place.)
  3. Not the migrants I'm going after with this one; they don't have someone sitting on a ledge and twisting the truth to expose them and get them deported. (At least not that I know of, but I'm admittedly a landlubber.)
  4. (Host): araver Players: 1. Thalia 2. bonanova 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. MikeD 8. 9. plasmid 10. 11. Backups 1. 2. Voting for: * Classic game: Bonanova, plasmid * Individual wincons: Wow, quoting the roster and removing formatting sure is more difficult on BrainDen.
  5. RSN is quite close with that answer, but I'm looking for something a little more specific that would fit the clue about secluded migrants. Not a security camera; along with the "twisting" clue I'm also looking for something that will get into gear.
  6. The goal is to figure out what the "I" (and "my") in lines 4-6 is talking about. Figuring out what the "migrants" is referring to would get you very close to the answer and would mean that you understand what this is talking about, and you could probably then deduce what "I" am pretty easily. Figuring out the "we" actually wouldn't help so much; people are involved, but I wouldn't really say that "we" refers to people.
  7. Thanks for kicking this one off, Thalia. I'm not anything having to do with the immune system this time around. While the clues in this one are relatively subtle, there are some words scattered about that wouldn't really be invoked by a description of the immune system so much as by what I am.
  8. We're being intruded by migrants secluded Who stowaway past our frontier They're costing us green and will linger unseen Unless I should get into gear Their nature I'll dredge as I perch on a ledge And twisting the truth's my endeavor Exposed to the nation, and next: deportation They thought they'd endure thus forever? I promise the answer has nothing to do with politics
  9. I think phaze is right about the most practical answer. If that fails, I tend to agree with bonanova.
  10. Right on, Thalia. And I guess the bright side is that that wasn't a handwritten assignment.
  11. Monty Hall was out sick today, so his brother Donny Hall filled in as the host of Let's Make a Deal. But people quickly discovered why Monty was chosen as the regular host in the first place. It was a bad sign when Donny asked a contestant "Would you like to keep that $100, or trade it for the trip to Hawaii inside the mystery box?" Worse was when he offered prizes for drawing a heart or spade and zonks for drawing a diamond or club, but presented the deck of cards face-up for contestants to draw from. Although the producers are sobbing with their heads in their hands off in the production booth, they haven't yet had a commercial break to give young Donny a crash course in hostmanship. And now he comes to you with an offer to win a car, a donkey, or a lifetime supply of air behind doors #1, #2, or #3. You choose door #2. Donny continues with "All right, the first door you didn't pick was door #1 so let's see what's behind that door." It's opened to reveal a lifetime supply of air. Now you're given the chance to stay with door #2 or switch to door #3. (Donny also offered the chance to switch to door #1, but let's ignore that option for the purpose of this puzzle.) Which door should you pick?
  12. My buddies and I were inseparable mates Til one by one were we split My teacher, she gave me a smack on the pate And off in the corner I sit Admittedly still I'm not hitting the books Though now I'm hugging a tree I guess in the end it's not bad as it looks; I went from a C to a B
  13. It's just that this is really hard. We know there are operations on both the first and second input that make it non-monotonic (since 2 ||| 11 = 11, 7 ||| 11 = 16, 8 ||| 11 = 12; and 7 ||| 3 = 8, 7 ||| 11 = 16, 7 ||| 28 = 12). It's also alternating between increasing and decreasing multiple times based on the inputs with X ||| 11, so it's not just a matter of having the difference between the inputs (or some function along those lines) play a role. My best guesses are still that greatest common denominator or least common multiple or modular arithmetic are coming into play, but I don't see a solution emerging with any of those approaches. The strongest clue seems to be that so far, for any value of N, we've had 2 ||| N = N (so maybe it is monotonic in the special case where the first number is 2?)
  14. There needs to be some sort of probability distribution of finding any given amount of money in the chests. That is, you ought to be able to say "there's an X% chance that the chest with the smaller amount of money contains between $Y and $Z." If you make Y be zero, then you should be able to say "there's an X% chance that the chest with the smaller amount of money contains $Z or less." Since the chest with the larger amount of money contains twice as much as the one with the smaller amount of money, you would also be able to say "there's an X% chance that the chest with the larger amount of money contains 2*$Z or less". And the odds that the chest with the larger amount of money contains $Z or less is obviously less than the odds that it contains 2*$Z or less. So should switch because, regardless of exactly how much money is in the chest, there exists some value for Z that proves that you're more likely to have randomly picked the chest with the smaller amount of money. Disproof of the above, obviously wrong, hand-waving argument is left as an exercise for the reader.