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  1. While I've never seen this arrangement of words, I've seen a similar observation on a study of the same word. Btw, I laughed when I reread it.
  2. 2) I wouldn't use "what shapes are left" but instead keeping with "after removing 27 cubelets, how many possibilities are there?" Which is 1. 3) ~950
  3. Clarifying question: Is the rectangle as large as possible meeting those constraints? Or as small as possible meeting those constraints? I feel like the number of circles required depends on that, but maybe it doesn't.
  4. Yowch. Not only is that not true, but my initial premise isn't even correct. In my mind, I couldn't draw one that wasn't. Now, I can only think of counterexamples!
  5. The only problem is that it doesn't guarantee that anybody lives. Too much WiFoM
  6. I figured it would be a "toughie" because hat puzzles tend to have counterintuitive answers. Now that we've become accustomed to that, we may be looking for an answer that isn't there given the new constraints.
  7. This is basically my stumbling block. Any strategy you could come up with could be countered by the warden. If you could anticipate that the warden would do all in his power to flummox your strategy, you could (as a logical individual) decide to go completely against the strategy. That, however, doesn't guarantee any successes either.
  8. This is absolutely something I should have been able to reason myself into. D'oh.
  9. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the above can't be right.
  10. I'm hoping it's something from a probability perspective. I assume an equal likelihood of being born on any day of the week. I don't know if I need to state that assumption. As I mentioned before, I'm not terribly great at this.
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