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  1. Scratch 3. I looked at the available and purchased backward. UPDATED: 1. Molly Sell 3340 TECN 2. Molly Buy 10,000 ASRE 3. Molly Buy 7947 SERT
  2. 1. Molly Sell 3340 TECN 2. Molly Buy 10,000 ASRE 3. Molly Buy 9031 PENS
  3. She was both. I actually tried to help her, too. Never again.
  4. I have no intent of interacting with the market today. =/ I will entertain trade proposals, though. PM me if interested. I think I might get an email if I get a PM. Otherwise I'll be back tomorrow. @BMAD: I love this game.
  5. 1. I accept this trade. 2. Sell 1000 KOOC 3. Buy 3340 TECN Gambling. =/
  6. I'm willing to sell JKEL for 14.50 a share up to 500 shares.
  7. 4. Into a stream. The hot spring is heated by the magma, so it is proximal to danger Trees burn. Caves can get blocked by cooling lava Toward the volcano means toward the lava. Lava isn't friendly. The stream, if large enough, can slow (and sometimes stop) the flow of lava by cooling it to its freezing point.
  8. 1. KOP BUY 10000x ASRE 2. KOP BUY 1700 KOOC 3. Panther BUY 3000 DUCK 4. Dee BUY 2000 KOOC 5. Dee BUY 2000 SERT 6. MoMa BUY 500 JKEL 7. MoMa BUY LONG ASRE 8. 9. A. B. C. D. To make things easier for BMAD and to keep things organised. Add your purchase in the next available slot. Host's call on changing purchases listed above and cancelled orders and the like.
  9. Buy 500 JKEL Long Derivative on ASRE
  10. Hey, dee. Funny that you found MM before BD. Most people go the other way. Good to see you around these parts.
  11. I think it could run at MM. I originally posted it here because MM was blocked at work and BD wasn't. As it happens, MM is no longer blocked at work. I, however, have to find my documents with secret abilities and the like.
  12. Perhaps a different (and smaller) game can be run on here. TMM's are great for new players. Alternately, BDen has a sister site where we all play mafia games. It can be found at www.mafiamaniac.net. It helps keep this forum clear for other games, too. This game will probably never happen here.
  13. Molly Mae

    Knock Out

    Cairo -- Osaka ++ Milan ++ Best Holiday Destination. Either your favorite place to go, or your top of your must-visit-places-before-I-die list. Paris, France - 20 London, UK - 18 Milan, Italy - 17 Istanbul, Turkey - 16 New York, USA - 16 Osaka, Japan - 16 Mumbai, India - 14 Sydney, Australia - 14 Dubai City, UAE - 12 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 12 Shanghai, China - 12 Cape Town, South Africa - 8 Havana, Cuba - 6 Cairo, Egypt - 4 KNOCK-OUTS 15. Moscow, Russia But Moscow owns!
  14. 1. Molly Mae 2. Panther 3. Flamebirde 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  15. I would be down for round 2.
  16. Who's Sakura Chan? http://brainden.com/forum/index.php/user/46785-sakura-chan/ Lucky you for not being here for that debacle.
  17. I was going to say "Seduce the cougar." And apparently the next riddle isn't coming up soon. =/
  18. Granted... your body parts are now organized alphabetically from top to bottom instead of in the order that developed naturally through millions of years of evolution. I with I didn't have a lithp. You lost your lithp without realising it, but you maintain your lisp. Or your inability to type without a lisp. I wish for a response to this wish. The response may be positive, negative, or neutral, as long as the response exists for any amount of time.
  19. It wasn't me, but I do down rep for spammers, rule-breakers, and Sakura Chan. You don't seem to be any of those three.
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