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  1. (We need new investigation requests! People left to investigate: King, Ten, Queen, Strength Places left to investigate: Most bedrooms, security room (for passages, etc), hallways, roof, banquet hall, grand hall, kitchen, bathrooms)
  2. Saturday, 3:04 PM "Knight was... interesting to talk to," said Judgment. "Laconic." WHAT KNIGHT OF SWORDS HAD TO SAY ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS On the phone lines: "Broken. Gonna go up with Nine and fix 'em. We don't get a lotta calls, anyway." On roof access: "Big trapdoor at the top of the northwest staircase. It's pretty obvious if you look." On the electrical systems in the castle: "The alarms are on their own generator, and only the security company's got a key to that. Nobody's gonna mess with their power. But everything else is on main power, and power surges
  3. (My major? Biology!) Saturday, 2:32 PM Nodding at the latest pieces of interview data, I walked out to the courtyard to investigate. Meanwhile, Judgment made his way up to the Driftwood Room to question Knight about the phone lines, the electronics, and the staff and guests. The courtyard lay between the outer walls and gatehouse and the inside of the Castle. Paved in gray cobblestones, it was sparse, decorated only with solemn statues and grotesque gargoyles. Some held books; others held staves or swords. One wore in a mask and a witch's cap, and had the following piece of doggerel s
  4. (Wow. It's getting hard to keep writing steadily with all this thesis work/teaching! I hope I haven't lost everyone.) Saturday, 2:32 PM I met up with Judgment once more, who had gleaned some interesting tidbits from the Page of Swords. WHAT THE PAGE HAD TO SAY ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS: On the Queen: "She's a secretive lady, but very nice!" On her mother: "Oh, you heard about that? Yes, my mother's very ill... yes, money would help her get better treatment - but we manage somehow." On Temperance: "She's like a second mother to us here, I think! Aside from keeping the
  5. I wondered about that, but if it really was a trap, we have our culprit.
  6. There's a bigger issue here, tooo, about people being generally suspicious.
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