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In Soviet Russia

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I don't get it. :unsure: I mean, it's funny, but I don't get it....

There's a comedian named Yakov Smirnoff. He made a lot of jokes about how things in America are different than things in Russia. One of the original ones was something along the lines of "In America, you can always find party. In Soviet Russia, Party can always find you!" The point is, everything is the other way around in Soviet Russia. Soviet Russia is obviously gone now but it's still funny.

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In Soviet Russia...

...your lunch eats you

...a chair sits on you

...trees grow into seeds

...you give people presents for your birthday

...worms have apples in them

...the library goes to you

Am I doing this right? Someone please tell me.

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Q: How does every Russian joke start? A: By looking over your shoulder.
Q: What is 150 yards long and eats potatoes? A: A Moscow queue waiting to buy meat.
Q: What did the Russian people light their houses with before they started using candles? A: Electricity.
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In case anyone was wondering, the joke comes from the fact that in the Russian language, sentence structure is very flexible. This can lead to sentences like:

In Soviet Russia, the mouse catches the cat.

Welcome is greeted with you.

'Cause, y'know, I'm back.


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