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  1. Cubicle Stack #2

    Nevermind the CEX numbers. I really need to find a cube I can hold...
  2. Cubicle Stack #2

    I see what you mean about CEX although I'm not sure how to show that with the numbering system. That throws a wrench in my counting. . .
  3. Cubicle Stack #2

    So 6/7 in the last post and check CEX?
  4. Cubicle Stack #2

    Think I found one of the 2 I changed from correct to incorrect. But I think that would leave one of these as still wrong though I can't figure out which. . .
  5. Cubicle Stack #2

    Another stab at it.
  6. Cubicle Stack #2

    Revision to CCC and EEX with numbers.
  7. Cubicle Stack #2

    Pretty sure these counts are wildly inaccurate but here goes...:
  8. Whodunit?

    For Bert, can you draw lines between points of intersection (like the theorem rocdocmac mentioned) or does the triangle have to be formed from the trisecting lines as attached?
  9. I'm Back

    Welcome back Cavenglok! That series sounds vaguely familiar but I don't think I followed it at the time. It sounds interesting though. Good to see another former member back.
  10. Whodunit?

  11. Whodunit?

  12. Whodunit?

  13. Cubicle Stack

    After recounting...
  14. Cubicle Stack

    Yep. Counting fail. I counted a reflection as the same shape.
  15. Even Odds?

  16. What is the average pay

    Without an outside person
  17. Chess Board Puzzle

    I wouldn't mind one.
  18. Protecting Airplanes

    Not sure I understand what you're getting at so this probably isn't what you're going for but I'd be recommending protecting those sections more...
  19. I bake