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  1. That certainly is the main portion of the answer, but not all of it.
  2. Neither applies. It is definitely food-based, with a slight hint in the title as well for specificity.
  3. Hi Laurh, & welcome! Interesting riddle. Here are some musings - Makes me think of Another guess, in a completely different direction
  4. Hiya peace! Good to "see" you still around. Hope all is well! You're onto the right general idea after your initial thoughts, but this guess is boiled. (& hopefully picked & dipped in butter.)
  5. Answer! This little riddle was inspired from a news article about finding the story.
  6. I'll bump this in case there is interest. (& sincere apologies, I didn't realize I had an open riddle remaining.) Not one of my better offerings, so also a bit of a re-write: I'm neither ugly nor watched by children But fall afoul of my salty attitude and enjoy my crusty skin Though I could sound a bit crazy, I'm not a fraud Especially while moving Get off my lawn, it's dinnertime Hope to check in on the Den now and again.
  7. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Y-san's math skills have her up next.
  8. There's mine, there's yours, but neither is the answer.
  9. On a regular basis, but not what I'm looking for here. ---- dD, that goes for you too.
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