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  1. Christianity has evidence and no holes in it and the others do? Wha...? All religions have their problems...
  2. Dude, you can't just outsource your school stuff to us. If it's for a competition and you can't get it yourself or with friends, then you probably shouldn't win the competition anyway by using us.
  3. I don't expect you to believe in God just because I do. That's just the reason I believe in God instead of Allah, Zeus, etc. Something to think about though: you were talking about things being explained by science. Maybe you can explain everything by science. But what makes science work together the way it does? There are all these scientific laws/rules/etc. But they all work together just right so that we exist. Let's say you believe the Big Bang Theory (not saying I don't). There's a giant explosion that creates the universe and everything ends up where it is now. Earth isn't too close to the sun that we burn up or so far that we freeze. The atmosphere is just what we need to breathe. Gravity hasn't crushed us. If you believe in evolution, the first organism/cell/whatever found just the right environment it needed to survive. Then you've got all the "random" mutations it takes to get to us. So you could say that we're having this discussion because all these "random" events and mutations happened by chance. But that is a h*** of a lot of random events/mutations that worked out exactly the way they needed to lead to us. That doesn't prove that God exists. However, I find it difficult to believe that there isn't something out there driving all of that. Maybe you still believe there's no god/creator/being behind our existence. Your choice. I won't try to force God/my beliefs down your throat. Obliged. This is the way most religious people should see things. Evolutionists will argue that since the universe is theoretically infinite, an infinite number of circumstances may happen at any given place. This is entirely possible, but I think there is too much out there, unexplained, for there not to be a driving hand. Now, how beneficial and human-loving this hand is, is where most of religion lies. Trust me, if there was something - an instance of God speaking to me - I would love to throw myself wholeheartedly into religion. Unfortunately, no such event has occurred to me; and I also question everything. Faith is not my strong point, but I respect you and Kika for having it. FB, what you have is cool, too, but don't try to argue with a religious person. They have their own beliefs, you have your own. Neither is provable or disprovable, it's simply a matter of our own individuality giving us either the ability to be strong enough to have faith, or the ability to be strong enough to QUESTION faith.
  4. Aaryan

    Evil Genies

    Granted, but assuming the human desire for violence still exists, money is poured into the violent-video game market as a release which ends up taking away money from more important investments, causing a global economic collapse, reversion to the bartering system, and a setback in terms of innovation due to lack of funding and interest in personal needs. People who still can't riot end up turning their violent urges on themselves, destroying 1/3 of the global population. During the ensuing lack-of-squabble, nobody can claim the loot in fear of angering others. At the same time, all relief aid to those in third-world countries ends and due to the internal problems, global trade shuts down. Oil, a non-necessary for survival, is no longer collected. People are back to the times of hunting-gathering. I wish that Congress actually had the ability to, and indeed did - make decisions based on the preferences of the American people, in the aim of helping the common man, other countries, and the environment.
  5. I don't see it as the Christian God, nor as the Muslim Allah, nor the Jewish Yahweh, nor as any of other religion's gods. I argue that all interpretations are correct, at least in human terms, and if you believe in the Christian God that's your thing. I don't deny "His" existence, but merely that there are many interpretations of the Creator and I choose not to subscribe to any of them. If one needs to believe in a specific God to access heaven, the God can't be all that loving. If your argument is that non-believers of God have no moral guidance and are thus unworthy, then that's a mistake. I have a moral compass set by myself and my environment. Christians and all other religions have their own morals as well as the morals they have learned from their religion. As long as one behaves in life a good person, why should their beliefs in an intangible overseer bar them from bliss? Everyone has their own way of thinking, like Christians. I'm fine with that; but religion is like the male genitalia. It's great to have it and it's great to be proud of it, but please don't shove it down my throat.
  6. You people are trying to make sense of something that can make no sense. KK and...KK(?), what you say is pretty valid. The Creator is out there, as far as humans know, this "thing". We don't and will never know what it is. I don't believe in the "Holy Father", but if that is your interpretation, go ahead. fb, I also understand your point, but going under the assumption that there was something that instigated the infinite universe, we random carbon-based combinations of electronic signals on a tiny planet next to a medium-sized star in one of billions of galaxies (let me catch my breath) are not going to be able to get it, regardless of how advanced we seem. Let it be known, fb, that I single you out only because you seem to be going on the offensive. So, my perspective is: We're not gonna get it. Why worry about it?
  7. Aaryan

    Evil Genies

    Excellent, you live for five billion years until the sun burns up and consumes the Earth, at which point you float through space for eternity. Oh, and during that time you live the lives of several men, making friends and loved ones and watch each and every single one of them die, unable to tell them you are immortal. Also, you get to disappear from peoples' lives several times in order to stop them from wondering just what kind of facial cream you use to keep yourself looking so young. Also during this five billion years time, your chance of being trapped or incapacitated in some way jumps from very little to approximately 100%, which also happens to coincide with your boredom level and eventual insanity. I wish for three more wishes. And if not that, three more genies.
  8. I'm assuming this is some kind of geography thing, relative to Australia. So I'll leave this to other Aussies and people who have more drive to do this.
  9. I think I just found my religion. As for this, I don't think this God is a "person", per se. The word incomprehensible is what I said before, and is what I think describes the creator well.
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