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  1. It seems that I can't be saved, put me on psyco anyway.
  2. I'll sleep on it, and vote tomorrow.
  3. Fine, I'll come out and say it, I haven't acted at all since the beginning, and the reason for that is I can't find a proper use for my role, yet. I'm not sure if I should vote psyco for self block odds, or thecube for being really likely to be indy
  4. Host: Aaryan 1. marksmanjay - voting for Flamebird 2. MiKi 3. psykomakia - Trapped by Monopoly 4. MikeD - voting for mboon 5. gvg-MiKi 6. EDM - voting for gvg 7. Flamebirde - voting for gvg 8. mew- voting for Flamebird 9. Molly Mae - Trapped by Chess 10. Hidden G - voting for EDM 11. mboon - voting for Flamebird 12. TheCube - voting for MiKi sorry Flame
  5. Must break tie, but to who...?
  6. but neither did clue, so we're playing that someone was redirected to an either unblockable action or maybe this: if a trap and block both act on person do both go through or only one?
  7. so blocker blocked, but not who... intresting no blocks appeared tonight, neither did the extra NP paragraph, assuming no one held back his action tonight, that would mean it's likely that curr was scrabble or candy land, and one of the two blocked people is the other between them, the other is most likely super smash bros.
  8. Tie vote? Do blocks appear in the NP?
  9. Ah, I love the smell of pre-game arguments and debates in the morning, well, night actually..
  10. The most common form of traps is having the night action blocked, and the target can't act if he has a day action, and can't post, vote or be voted for. Sometimes, trapping a player may save the trapped player from night kills. Sometimes, trapping a player makes the action go through, but stops the one for the day and next night. Sometimes, trapped players can be voted for, sometimes they can talk. Traps have their own physics depending on each game.
  11. mewminator

    Newbie Mafia

    I need to try co-hosting so when someone comes up with an idea, I'm with.
  12. Host: Aaryan 1. marksmanjay 2. MiKi 3. psykomakia 4. MikeD 5. gvg 6. EDM 7. Flamebirde 8. mew 9. Molly Mae 10. Hidden G 11. mboon 12. TheCube 13. curr3nt Backups: 1. Thalia 2. Brainiac100 3.
  13. I thought so... The baddies have no way of knowing if they killed the redirect to be able to claim his role, so if the cube is a baddie, he's taking a serious risk, unless the real redirect comes forward, we've got nothing on the cube. Also, I've never seen a baddie block the same person he's trying to kill. Unless Mike can claim RID Kill, spy, vote manip, bodyguard or Indy, he's toast
  14. Noobs or pros, the conflict is the same, a heated conflict is usually between a baddie and goodie, an extra heated argument where you can see both sides attacking each other and both sides are sure that the outcome won't out them as non-goodies, it's between a baddie and indy, the conflict between 2 goodies is usually a calmer one. The cube isn't necessarily a spy, judging by the NP, both blocks and kills seemed to have happened on yodell, which makes me think that a redirect was in play, and you were targeted for one by the cube.
  15. Note to noobs, if 2 people are fighting on the thread there's usually a baddie or indie involved, in this case most likely baddie, if 2 goodies are involved, the argument isn't so hot. Plan: apply pressure on both sides and see who gives a better defense, right now: Hosts: flamebirde and Thalia (with MiKi supervising) 1. mewminator- voting for MikeD 2. EDM 3. MikeD - voting for gvg 4. gvg - voting for TheCube 5. Brainy - voting for mboon 6. TheCube - voting for MikeD 7. mboon - voting for MikeD 8. marksmanjay 9. psykomakia - voting for mewminator 10. Yodell- Turned to stone by The White Witch Start with mike.
  16. If I had to guess, I'd say that the quieter people are the spies, that way they don't have to share any of the info
  17. which means miki's faction is unkown
  18. @flame, don't regret a lynch, the odds of any living person in being mafia is nearly 50/50, 56/44 to be more accurate, unless I get a different answer to my above post.
  19. We can now safely assume that MiKi was mafia, because if she wasn't, it would be a 5 vs 4 in favor of mafia, unless for the mafia to win they would have too be in majority and awakened Is the mafia WinCon to just be in majority or to have the awakened members in majority?
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