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Community Answers

  1. I'm guessing time travel. She just said her father is her son.
  2. I don't even know who that is... *Utilise Google pour le trouver.* A french comic? Nope.
  3. Hint: represents two of the zodiacs.
  4. Back from Newfoundland! It was really nice. Folks are friendly, spectacular scenery, lots of fried food. I'd recommend it to almost anyone.

  5. Going to Newfoundland, Canada tomorrow morning.

  6. I am near freedom, and quite underneath. Once unfortunately held ‘neath my character, All the virtues are held in my sheath. I represent the venomous tailed creature, And maintain a good balance. I’ve been held above all money. I’ve been remembered fondly in France. I've been painted many shades so lovely. I may seem like a peaceful night’s sky. Please tell me, what am I?
  7. Back again, don't know for how long

  8. I aggregated everything I could into here. I figured out who JC is. Hrm... Still stuck on the numbers.
  9. Pecan pie. I only need a couple slices for the entire day, and I like most nuts, so no big deal. Easy $. Would you rather become completely paralyzed but then become the first sci-fi cyborg in real life, or become completely paralyzed but then gain magical powers, including the ability to heal yourself?
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