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  1. kestrelknight

    Favorite books?

    Furthermore, anything by Rebecca Stead. She is very good at foreshadowing and agonisingly simple solutions. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I cried, and then swore to read all of his books.
  2. kestrelknight

    Oh, hey. Didn't see you there.

    *spins around excitedly* I'M BAAAACK! My dear old computer sadly died. I lost a few valuable files, but I suppose it was about time I moved on. I do have a tablet, but I'm not much for typing on touch screens. Right now, I'm using an iPad. I won't be as active as I used to, but I am back. And with changed music tastes. Acoustic and indie is now my thing. As is Sherlock. Good grief, that show is fantastic.
  3. kestrelknight

    Superhero Riddle

    Looks yellow to me.
  4. kestrelknight

    The Adventure

    Hol'up, hol'up, hold UP. You think *I* killed him!? Wow, don't you people know how to analyse blood? My knife had shark blood on it, not merman blood! Sheesh, learn some science... I mean, uh, yes... I was found at the scene of Steve's death with a weapon, but the only death I caused was that of a vicious, soulless beast at the defence of myself and my friend. Speaking of which, did you guys not find its body?
  5. kestrelknight

    The Orchestra

    What, rain?
  6. kestrelknight

    The Adventure

    *ahem* Well, no, actually. I seriously doubt it. Before I begin to tell you why, however, I would like to direct you to the remains of my dear friend... er... Steve... *cough* I mean, *sniffle* Just minutes/hours/days ago, I witnessed his tragic demise... *sniffle* And I would like to point out that my bestie Steve's body sank. Now, human bodies float. And animal bodies usually float. So why would he sink? Anyway, Steve... *sniffle* Sorry, I'm just hit with... with the tragedy of his death. Steve would have been killed by that shark even if I had not been there. And even if he died because of me, this was not an act of murder on by part. This was my friend - nay, my BROTHER! - giving up his life for mine. *sniffle* This was a gift that I have no choice but to accept. If you intend to imprison/execute me for something I had no say in... Well... You. Repel. Me. (Besides, how would you know that humans aren't invincible with extraordinary strength?)
  7. kestrelknight

    Find Me

    *applauds* Yay! It's the Great Wall of China! I wanted to put a "supposedly" before the "full"; however, I wciuldn't make the rhythm work with that addition. Epilogue coming soon.
  8. kestrelknight

    Find Me

    Congrats to Pickett for decoding it over on the Logic/Math section! Here's the uncoded message: I reside in a land that they thought far away, But the world that they knew was a lie. I am seen by so many, trampled day after day, and am full of those who said goodbye.
  9. kestrelknight

    The final Find Me puzzle - decode your hearts out.

    Hi-five, my man. Time to go put this translation in the Word Puzzle section. Go for your lives if you want to try and do it here. Edit: Typo
  10. kestrelknight

    The final Find Me puzzle - decode your hearts out.

    To clear up any confusion and perhaps offer a hint, I shall decode the first two words. (Note: commas signify a new letter or group of letters, while periods signify a space/new word) 53. -> I(space) 75,14,DE. -> Re,Si,DE(space) -> Reside(space) I just hope I haven't completely given away the entire puzzle.
  11. kestrelknight

    ... mythical castle

  12. kestrelknight

    Forum Taboo

    Is it in a specific tense?
  13. 53. 75,14,DE. 49. A. 57,60. 90,85. 90,E,39. 90,8,92,G,1,T. 9,18. A,74,A,39. (comma) 5,92,T. 90,E. 74,8,RLD. 90,85. 90,E,39. 19,7,E,74. 74,33. A. 3,E. (period) 53. 95. 34,E,7. 5,39. 16,8. MA,7,39. (comma) T,88,M,15,LED. DA,39. A,9,52,R. DA,39. (comma) A,7,D. 95. 9,92,LL. 8,9. 90,76,E. 74,67. 16,A,53,D. G,8,8,D,5,39,E. (period) It decodes into another layer of puzzle that I can't expect the Logic/Math section will bother with (You can try if you like), but I'm more interested in seeing how long it takes the experts (and the newbies) to figure out how I coded this (The Word puzzle section appears to have stopped trying). Hints can be given when necessary. Have fun!
  14. kestrelknight

    Forum Taboo

    Assuming it's a noun, is it concrete or abstract?
  15. kestrelknight

    My goodness, there's a...

    Well, Chrome can't find it, but with Firefox it's great. Good thing I use Firefox more anyway.