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  1. I feel so stupid in hindsight.... I actually thought MM was claiming cop due to his whole "you can follow the thread" comment... I saw the "owner" hints he made as well but since I was the shopowner, I ignored that and for some reason didn't realize that other people wouldn't come to the same conclusion. I thought Mo's whole "can i be owned?" was him asking Molly to spy him N1 and clear his name, or smth along those lines.... Idk, it's definitely not my proudest moment ^^ I was afraid to out myself later in the game due to the ODTG kill Clark had, but I regretted not blocking someone during N2 tbh.... I'm also still fairly confused about the Lionel Richie stuff haha @flamebirde I'm an "expert" player in name only ^^" This is my first game in at least 3 or 4 years and I'm afraid I've lost many of the skills I'd developed back when I played avidly.
  2. Dreams don't lie..... :whistle: Afaik the only reason people want to lynch me is because I was silent for long-ish periods of time in the thread. I've put forward what I have to offer. There's no reason we should still be trying to lynch me.
  3. Hopefully the mayor is still alive :/ he's gonna be the one who decides today's outcome, ultimately.
  4. I'm sure we've all figured out who Molly's been claiming. There's been no counterclaim. Take that as you will, Between mo and Molly, I'm inclined to believe at least one is a goodie. It's the only way I can make their exchanges make sense. That said, mo's playing a ballsy game. I don't like it. Anything else I could offer would out me. I'm happy being a martyr if it means I can take a non-goodie down with me, but atm it doesn't look like that would be the outcome.
  5. Doesn't mean much. Re: MiKi's silence = she's a baddie: MiKi hasn't said anything because MiKi's been stuck in class until now ^^" I'm goodie but with nothing much to add besides reads of players. Thought I had a handle on Mo and Molly but I have doubts now. Roster:1. maurice - voting for bonanova 2. Flamebirde - voting for MiKi 3. Molly Mae - voting for MiKi 5. MiKi - voting for maurice 7. bonanova - voting for maurice
  6. Whoops, you're right, forgot about that.
  7. Sorry for the inactivity! Yesterday was busy af irl haha So either mo is the indy or the indy didn't act last night for misdirection.... Or Hirk was an inactive indy.. Those appear to be the 3 possibilities, yes? It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do to help you notice things you missed the night before I managed to completely misread a portion of the OP, can you believe it? Was reading mo as indy but I have my doubts now. @Panther care to chime in? @araver Can Clark trap himself?
  8. Roster: 1. maurice - voting for MiKi 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae - voting for Flamebirde 4. Panther 5. MiKi - voting for Bonanova 7. bonanova 6. Hirkala - Killed N1 by the Baddies Mo, you think I, a simple kitty, trying to survive on the streets, had the ability or motivation to kill Hirk? You wound me, truly you do.
  9. MissKitten


    BRAND if 0, then L is 2nd, since BLAND=1 and L-->R is only change. STATE If BRAND=1 and STATE=1, then B is first. STAT_ =0 disproves A. PRON_=0 (from PRONE) disproves R and N.
  10. Roster:1. maurice 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 4. Panther 5. MiKi 6. Hirkala 7. bonanova 8. 9. 10. Backup: 1. Thalia 2. plasmid The new format of the forum is gonna take some getting used to ^^" Is there smth like a quick guide to quoting, etc that I could find somewhere? The tagging feature looks pretty cool!
  11. That's a shame. Looks like I'll be jumping straight back into the fray then, haha. And. Um. Yeah. Hi. *waves sheepishly*
  12. Are you guys still hosting TMMs?
  13. If you've survived this thread and haven't run away screaming yet, welcome to the family! This is basically what we're like all the time. XD Congrats on survivng this far, and we hope you won't find us too weird just yet. Welcome to BD!
  14. Is Coup of Rhotus still going? O.o Wow, I thought for sure it would have filled up by now....
  15. MissKitten

    One Up Me

    At first MiKi was going, going, gone. Now she's coming, coming, back. ((Basically just spreading the news of my return to the soul-sucking websites that are BD and MM ))
  16. MissKitten


    @Aloe We start a new roster once the old one ends. 1. Aloe (You can take your name off if you'd like, I just assumed you'd like to play ) 2. MiKi 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  17. Haha, I am back now, I came back a couple days ago. But thanks for the well wishes guys, I missed you all! <3
  18. Guess what? I'm back! :D

  19. MissKitten

    Newbie Mafia

    @Brainy Sweet! Thanks.
  20. MissKitten

    Newbie Mafia

    When you guys start another one, will you let me know? I want to get back into this, but I've forgotten pretty much everything about mafia, haha. I'm reclaiming noob status for a couple games before I plunge back into the world of mafia.
  21. @Aar A watch was found in the suit of armor. I think it belongs to Mr. Green, though I can't remember for sure. We don't know what it was doing in the armor, so we're trying to figure out what it's relevance to the murder is.
  22. Currently listening to Airplanes by The Ready Set on repeat. There are no words to describe the beauty of this song.

  23. moderator: phil1882 sign ups: player 1: Framm player 2: Brainy player 3: Rob player 4: MiKi player 5: Flamebirde I played the real version at a debate tournament once. It was awesome. XD
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