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  1. The flower war brought pleasure to the green fields as balance was restored.
  2. gvg

    Newbie Mafia

    I don't think I'm ready to host yet. I need time too, which is not something I have at the moment. Sorry.
  3. gvg


    Oh right, only like a chess knight. I forgot that part. Sorry for making you wait =p I'm sending it now.
  4. gvg


    Wait, I'm slightly confused. My ships weren't moved to the coordinate I said. Why is that?
  5. gvg


    Battlestar Omnipresent starship god - phil (feel free to change your new title ) 1. Panther 2. 3. curr3nt 4. gvg Sounds like fun =)
  6. gvg

    Newbie Mafia

    I like the idea Mike. Should be fun =)
  7. gvg

    Fantasy Football

    Random.org doesn't like me =( And I might be able to set it up. I dunno though, I may just let ESPN do it.
  8. gvg

    Fantasy Football

    I don't mind. By the way, the draft is before August 12th right? That probably means I won't be able to be there for the draft. Slim chance I might, but probably not. Hopefully I get something good
  9. Yeah, I completely forgot about the vote manipulation thing that we could use. Oh well.
  10. Darn. Oh well. Good game everyone.
  11. gvg

    Lord of Combat II

    Oh wow. I just realized I died. Grr. Good game everyone.
  12. So then, that renders my vote for mboon null and void? Darn. Now I have to rethink things.
  13. Host: Aaryan 1. marksmanjay 4. MikeD - voting for EDM 5. gvg - mboon 6. EDM 11. mboon 12. TheCube DEAD: 13. curr3nt - Killed Night 1 by the Baddies 7. Flamebirde - Lynched Day 1 and found to be Candy Land 9. Molly Mae - Killed Night 2 by the Baddies 8. mew - Lynched Day 2 and found to be Super Smash Bros 3. psykomakia - Killed Night 3 by the Baddies 2. MiKi Brainiac100 - Lynched Day 3 and found to be Clue 10. Hidden G - Killed Night 4 by the Baddies Backups: 1. Thalia 2. 3. I still stand by my claim that mboon is a baddie.
  14. Yeah, I would think, Mike, that at this point, we can realize that mboon is a baddie (as I thought previously). Who's left by the way?
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