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  1. Drop two sticks

    must the entire needle fit into the unit square?
  2. Counterfeit coin

    If you want just a hint
  3. Are spaces relevant? If so could you clearly identify them?
  4. Halloween Candy

  5. Having sisters

    I think it is still up for grabs, as I have not proven anything but simply given an single example. The prize should go to anyone who can come up with an explanation for families of arbitrary sizes rather than of size 3 Hint: Pascal triangle
  6. Having sisters

    @DeGe I think you got caught in his cleverly designed trap
  7. Guess 1 out of 100 numbers

    @BMAD I think it also excludes the numbers that nobody has for 4 people and numbers 1 to 4 a possibility is Person 1 has 4 1 2 2 Person 2 has 2 1 2 4 Person 3 has 1 2 2 4 Person 4 has 2 1 2 4 due to possible overlap no-one can be certain which number they have. I think this is what he means by "These numbers are entirely random and independent of one another, meaning there can be duplicates (and consequently missing numbers). "
  8. Dollar Puzzle: $9909

  9. Seconds Or Miles?

  10. A Prisoner Problem

    Don't turn the light off I'm counting
  11. Evil Genies

    "except that we are, in fact, each other - sort of, in an odd way" Granted, care of KKs confusion about who is who I wish that who everyone is was not confusing
  12. Evil Genies

    Granted, you are now composed of clay. * reaches over and turns Omega Scales nose upside down * I wish that Picasso would properly educate Omega Scales in the art of design.
  13. Evil Genies

    For not making a wish evil genie KK has been banished to a bottle and sent on vacation to an unpopulated tropical island for the next 1000 years. By the time his bottle is picked up by a misplaced dehydrated but boat-less sailor his sanity will be non-existent due to his creation of multiple personalities so that he may have someone to torture during his convalescence.
  14. The Adventure