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  1. In Soviet Russia

    In capitalist America car push you In capitalist America you follow law
  2. The No God god

    My reading of the definition of a deity is that that have authority over some aspect of nature (or that they have absolute authority over everything). People tend have a limited form of authority but ideas do not, unless they prove to be the truth. Rich does not have a deity until such time as he can convincing prove to the observer that no deity exists. It is my understanding that this will be much harder to prove than proving I'm not currently eating gummy bears. This means it is very difficult (if not impossible) to prove that a paradox actually exists.
  3. I can too, but it involves tall acrobats (stilts maybe) who can varying their height (or somersault to above the bar) at the bottom of their swing. Extra meters could also be obtained if they can build up enough angular momentum (by swinging around and around the bar) during the swing to somersault when it reaches the apex. In other words it would be quite a show. Edit That or exchange the trapeze for a flying fox
  4. Crazy People

    Is it just me or does this make perfect sense if you are 50 years old?
  5. As the trapeze platform is the same height is the the same as the axis of the rope, for a situation where the floor is level, the length of the ropes needs to be less than the height of the platform. This is to avoid the acrobat face-planting at the lowest point of their swing. This means that the maximum distance between platforms, to avoid falling would need to be less than the height * 4. However if the floor is indeed level you can have any distance you like between platforms and any size you like of ropes and cross puzzle land on foot from the base one platform to another. That is assuming that the acrobat can walk that distance on level ground without falling over.
  6. Spelling Beehive

    Dont forget the paths that start in the centre get to y and then come back Edit: forgot you cant use that "K" Twice :Doh
  7. Drop two sticks

    must the entire needle fit into the unit square?
  8. Counterfeit coin

    If you want just a hint
  9. Are spaces relevant? If so could you clearly identify them?
  10. Halloween Candy

  11. Having sisters

    I think it is still up for grabs, as I have not proven anything but simply given an single example. The prize should go to anyone who can come up with an explanation for families of arbitrary sizes rather than of size 3 Hint: Pascal triangle
  12. Having sisters

    @DeGe I think you got caught in his cleverly designed trap
  13. Guess 1 out of 100 numbers

    @BMAD I think it also excludes the numbers that nobody has for 4 people and numbers 1 to 4 a possibility is Person 1 has 4 1 2 2 Person 2 has 2 1 2 4 Person 3 has 1 2 2 4 Person 4 has 2 1 2 4 due to possible overlap no-one can be certain which number they have. I think this is what he means by "These numbers are entirely random and independent of one another, meaning there can be duplicates (and consequently missing numbers). "
  14. Dollar Puzzle: $9909

  15. Seconds Or Miles?