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  1. Thalia

    A little help needed IF you can

    Full solution:
  2. Thalia

    A little help needed IF you can

    A start:
  3. Thalia


    Ooh. Another language. Never would have gotten that. Nice puzzle.
  4. Well, obviously I can't count to 20.
  5. Thalia

    A Simple Riddle

  6. Thalia

    A Simple Riddle

  7. Thalia

    A Simple Riddle

    Generic meaning... on a house? Cards?
  8. Thalia

    A Simple Riddle

  9. Thalia

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

    I'm not quite sure what you are saying. A domino consists of 2 squares. So while there are 56 squares, there's only 28 dominoes. So for example, A2 and A3 together are a single domino. TSLF- Do you want them arranged in an 8x7 grid like the picture? That would mean some rows and columns would contain more than one of a number. Is that correct?
  10. Thalia

    Brain Teaser

    "5) The Chilean, who is not next door but one to the Belgian" I had the opposite understanding If the Chilean were pitch 5, the Belgian could not be pitches 4 or 6 because those would be next door. The Belgian could be 3 or 7 if that was meant to read one to the right/left of the Belgian.
  11. Thalia

    Brain Teaser

    I think the inclusion of the word "who" indicates it applies to the American. Can't be sure without clarification though.
  12. Thalia

    A Gentle Riddle

    lol. I figured the weights were pretty close. But I made the mistake of asking Google. What are the odds of those riddles being posted at the same time? Thanks for the indirect hint fb.
  13. Thalia

    A Gentle Riddle