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Community Answers

  1. I don't see anything barring use of other numbers in exponents. Nothing explicitly says you can only use 7s. It's certainly implied that the 3 7s are the central parts so you can't do something like add or subtract a different number but you can square or cube. Closest I can get with the more limited interpretation: 7!/sqrt(7!)รท7=10.14 Looser interpretation: (7!)^(1/5)+(7!)^(1/5)-7^0=10.003
  2. Since you mentioned France, pyramid makes me think of the Louvre. Not a clue what to do with those times though. It's well past May 11th. Do you have the answer?
  3. I think I mixed Carver and Carter at some point along the way. Please ignore that guess.
  4. I tried entering a number on a whim to see what would happen. It seems to have taken it. Is it normal to get an error message if you type the wrong answer?
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