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  1. Thalia

    shuffling algorithm for letters in a word

    It looks like you're taking the first letter and essentially rotating it through the different positions while the other letters remain in the same order. I noticed that all the possible permutations begin with two letters that were next to each other in the original sequence (or in the first and last spot). For example, I don't think you can get a sequence starting with AC. So this does not seem to hold up.
  2. Thalia

    Alhambra palace

    This seems like a trick somehow but I'm going to go with...
  3. Thalia

    Christmas Card

    Unless the sender said something, it might just be random letters to make the ornament shape.
  4. Thalia

    Graphic Painting

  5. Thalia

    Graphic Painting

  6. Thalia

    Graphic Painting

  7. Thalia

    A Leading Riddle

  8. Thalia

    An Acrobatic Riddle

  9. Thalia

    A little help needed IF you can

    Full solution:
  10. Thalia


    Ooh. Another language. Never would have gotten that. Nice puzzle.
  11. Well, obviously I can't count to 20.