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  1. The answer , my friend ....

    Leaves, from the title That's about the only song I know by him. Maybe one other.
  2. Windows 10 -- Do you love it?

    I like it better than 8. Idk about better than 7 though.
  3. What am i ?

  4. Too sensitive ?

  5. Not a friend

  6. Font

    Clue 32  
  7. I'm not a pirate

    Two guesses  
  8. I'm not a pirate

    Not too hopeful about this one but  
  9. Olympic paradox

  10. Font

    The title made so much more sense after I started seeing it. Spoiler I would suggest starting with the first word in 1 and the second in 5. Do they look like any letters in particular? EDIT 1: o_0 You got the letters without the clues? EDIT2: Ah. I see it now.
  11. Font

    Hmm. 32 clues but only 30 letters. . . Thanks pg.
  12. Font

    Can you confirm the number of blanks? Your OP and later post don't match.
  13. Font

    Ooh. Spoiler A Beatles fan. Haven't heard of most of these before. Then again, I never did listen to them much. Not yet sure how that fits in with the blanks though.