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  1. What are these?

    @bonanovaThe numbers
  2. Foreign Speakers

    @Tylerj21 "Arabian spousal (or just spouse) reception"and"An attractive East African"
  3. Foreign Speakers

    Inone of the previous posts, you said "My "spouse" is either he or she."How does that work? . . .
  4. Foreign Speakers

    Bumping the thread since it's almost off the first page of threads. Still don't have an answer but a summary of hints for anyone trying: Arabian Spouse Reception Hmm. . .
  5. The answer , my friend ....

    Leaves, from the title That's about the only song I know by him. Maybe one other.
  6. Windows 10 -- Do you love it?

    I like it better than 8. Idk about better than 7 though.
  7. What am i ?

  8. Too sensitive ?

  9. Not a friend

  10. Font

    Clue 32
  11. I'm not a pirate

    Two guesses
  12. I'm not a pirate

    Not too hopeful about this one but