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    Ways to Annoy your Roommate

    WAYS TO DISTURB, SCARE, AND ANNOY A ROOMMATE - Pee in a jar and tell your roommate that its for a science project and put it beside your bed.When your roommate goes to sleep replace the jar with another one filled with apple juice. When your roommate wakes up, unknowingly drink the apple juice. - Make a chalk outline of yourself on the floor and when your roomate enters the room, reassure him/her and tell him/her that its nothing. When s/he talks about it again, change the subject. - Get an imaginary cat and some coffee beans and before your roommate walks in the room, put the coffee beans in a cluster on the floor. When your roommate walks in, scream at the imaginary cat and tell him to learn how touse the litterbox. - When your roommate calls you, breath deeply into the phone for 10 seconds and hang up. POST MORE IF YOU WANT TO!!!!!!
  2. TheCube

    One Up Me

    This is a game of make a joke out of analogies. Everyday (except on weekends) I will post the front part of an analogy. It is your job to finish it. You even get to vote on them with like/dislike button. The person with the most likes will be the host for the next day's analogy. Hosts can't post a response to the analogy they wrote though. Let's start off with this analogy: He's like a cape; Good Luck!!!
  3. TheCube

    Do you play an instrument?

    Does anyone out there know how to play an instrument? I can play a bit of piano, saxophone, and flute. Also, anyone ever been in a band camp? MAN! Was it hard or what? That should be the new Olympic Sport. Include other band or instrument questions in here as well.
  4. TheCube

    The Coup of Rhotus Mafia Signups

    Host: Molly Mae 1. Flamebirde - 2013 2. MikeD - 2013 3. DyalDragon 4. Kikacat123 - 2013 5. Marksmanjay 6. 7. Barcallica - 2013 8. Brainiac100 9. The Cube - 2013 10. araver - 2013 11. 12. dee_tot - 2013 13. TwoaDay 14. 15.Magic - 2013 16. Hirkala 17. Panther - 2013 18. Bmad - 2013 19. mboon Long time no see, BD.
  5. TheCube

    High School Mafia Game Thread

    And yet another mafia where I like I did absolutely nothing.
  6. TheCube

    High School Mafia Game Thread

    Me: come closer. You: *comes closer, whispering* what is it? Me: i'll never tell.
  7. TheCube

    High School Mafia Game Thread

    Well, how do you know that it could be one of us three? In addition, would the inclusion of Yodell help since he's dead?
  8. TheCube

    High School Mafia Game Thread

    Principals: Auramyna & Brainiac100 1. Flamebirde 2. nana77 3. Kikacat123 4. vcvcvc12 5. TheCube - voting for Kikacat123 6. dyalDragon 9. Panther 11. lahiem Dead: 7. akaslickster- Incapacitated N1 by Chorus 8. marksmanjay- Expelled D1 as Prom Committee 10. Yodell - Handicapped N2 by Guitar Club This mostly pressure to someone that is not cleared. (However, there might be more cleared, but I had to write this quickly).
  9. TheCube

    High School Mafia Game Thread

    I know how the game works, I just am not familiar with the specific acronyms you guys use here. The games I've played in do not use BTSC for short, they just post deadlines for PM'ed actions. I will check out the guide though to see if any more of the abbreviations thatidont know are spelled out there. irl = in real life btsc = behind the scenes conversation Is there anything else in there you'd like to know?
  10. TheCube

    High School Mafia Game Thread

    Place my vote on Marksmanjay. Mostly for the reason that jay changed his idea of voting so quickly.
  11. TheCube

    High School Mafia Game Thread

    We changed the description of the role at the last minute (same abilities, but we made it clearer). No other reason. I like that explanation better than the one I would have given which was "Oops, I made a mistake". Anyway, if you thought maybe mock trial was a secret indy, no he is the real goodie, all the dark blue ones are the secret indies. (joking, definitely joking. There is no secret anything.) That makes ME even more skeptical of secret roles. Anyways, I'm ready to kill everyone .
  12. TheCube

    Crazy People

    Here's something that happened to me in real life: My sister is play basketball, and she finally scores and tells my father. "So, you scored one of those 'touchdowns', did you?" my dad says sarcastically. My sister replies, "NO! I wasn't playing baseball!" If you don't like it and want math, then here is something. .999...... = x Multiply by ten 9.999...... = 10x Subtract by x. 9 = 9x And divide by nine. 1 = x = which also equals 0.999.....
  13. TheCube

    Newbie Mafia

    Same here, I thought I sent a PM. Same here, once again, I confirm to play in the mafia.
  14. TheCube


    So, I send this to BMAD?
  15. TheCube

    Newbie Mafia

    Wait, your the HungryHobbit guy, aren't you? akaslickster recommended this, right? (saw the Shoutout Board)
  16. TheCube


    1. 2. Slick 3. Flamebirde 4. 5. TheCube 6. 7. 8. Jay Here slick. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?
  17. TheCube

    Newbie Mafia

    Hello, Minato!
  18. TheCube

    Newbie Mafia

    Principals: Auramyna & Brainiac100 1. Flamebirde 2. 3. 4. 5. TheCube 6. 7. Minato 8. marksmanjay 9. 10. 11. Trust me, I really need some brushing up. I was never any good even when I had practice, so... Long time no see, again, it has been a while since I played mafia (besides SCMUA 2 on MM) plus, I haven't played mafia a while on this site. EDIT: adding Monato
  19. TheCube

    One Up Me

    When the eyes of the world are on you, you will most likely be crush (sidenote: where can you buy the eyes of the world? hmm. . . )
  20. TheCube

    Games to Come (e.g. Mafia)

    To be honest, I haven't even read the trilogy or the hobbit, though I am currently trying to do that. So, I am not sure if I can be able to host it for this sake.
  21. TheCube

    One Up Me

    GO CHAD GO!!!!
  22. TheCube

    Anamorphic video

    I saw this before, but its still amazing. However, with some of the items, lighting can show that the objects weren't real, like the shoe.
  23. TheCube

    Newbie Mafia

    I'm back! Btw, I won't be able to do much until Christmas Break on the 14th.
  24. TheCube

    Obscure Jokes

    What does a teenage boy and an enzyme helicase have in common? They both want to unzip your jeans/genes. ======================================================== A song: Billy was a chemist's son, but now he is no more, cause he thought was H2O was H2SO4. ===================================== Argon walks into a bar when the bartender says: "WE DON'T SERVE NOBLE GASES HERE!!!" Argon doesn't react. ======================================= Schrodinger is being pulled over by the police. He believed that there was something in his trunk. The police opens the trunk to find a dead cat in the drunk. The police asked Schrodinger if he knew about the cat. Schrondinger replied, "Well, I do now!"
  25. TheCube

    Four Letters ROLLO

    If you have been following the other ROLLO games (ROLLO, SIXY ROLLO, and SEVENY ROLLO (?)), then this will be easier to explain. If not, see the rules They are like those except there will be four letters instead of five. Assuming that you are familiar with the rules, let's begin. I will be keeping score and will give the scores for each person after a game is finished. ????