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  1. peace*out

    another religion song...
  2. thanks, but im not enough of a newbie, nor experienced enough. :P

  3. nice - im sure youll do fine! :)

  4. peace*out

    "its the thought that counts" ~ random saying yes, but sometimes the thoughts not enough... if the people who are willing, wont, then they wont. if they will, there really shouldnt be as many orphanages as there are.
  5. peace*out

    Do You YouTube?

    ^^I agree ~~Sincerely, a ginger
  6. good morning!! :D

    how are you?

    sorry, i havent been on resently...have to clean my room. :(

  7. hey! :D

    you seemed to have figured it out...sorry. :P

    its nice...i destroyed my room, and then my mom told me i have to clean it up by wed. or i cant go to my friends party. so that's annyoing, but other than that...just having fun. :P hows life?

  8. ahhhh...

    nice! :)

  9. I am a mother pheasant plucker; i pluck mother pheasants. I'm the best darn mother pheasant plucker, so give me a mother pheasant to pluck!!!

    1. peace*out


      why thank yah! :)

    2. peace*out


      i wish...no, i got it from littleradge's vyou...its near the bottom...

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  10. o.O wow. thats crazy!

  11. np! how is it so far?

  12. wow...

    have you ever been in a tornado/hurricane? ive never been in one...been in strong winds, but never an ACUAL one...

  13. peace*out

    id say dont go over 10 just because this is the first game. or dont go over 20. but basically, dont do too much, because its the first game, and then build upon it as more games get started

  15. haha, on the same day there was sun for me!!

    although it was thundering before...WITH NO RAIN! :o

  16. ...how did i not notice that before!!!!!!!

    we should have a club along with PoetGirl95, and colorclown26...

    but yeah. THATS AWESOME! :D ...im sorry if i seem over excited, its just 11, and im bored, that has been the only interesting event so far :P

  17. sure! does it start now, or later?

  18. peace*out


    yep! just sign up by adding your name to the list!
  19. ...ok maybe, that is better than blockflies, misquitos and ticks. meh :P either way, TEH SUN IS OUT NOW!!!

    so i guess you win :P

  20. better than rainy/misquito-ey maine :P

  21. nice! we should trade! :P

  22. i just feel the urge to update this. i dont know why. but i am.

    1. Anon26


      Above is a personal observation.

    2. peace*out


      yeah, ive noticed that too...unless its scaring your sister. that doesnt always turn out well...

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