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Community Answers

  1. EDM

    One Up Me

    And Y-san stuns us once again with his spine-bending flattery of the great Mafia... Y-san, You're up!!! :D
  2. EDM

    One Up Me

    Thanks... :D If I only knew... *As usual, I want smileys used in the sentences..
  3. EDM

    One Up Me

    I smiled as the love of my life planted loving kisses on my cheek...until I woke up and realised it was just the dog trying to wake me up...
  4. I dunno, it works for me... Click on profile and click 'Edit my profile' button...like this pic below...
  5. Well, I dunno what it was about her that really upset me...but it REALLY upset me...
  6. Who's Sakura Chan? The only person to ever give me a reason to swear at anyone for being extremely egoistic and a big jerk-face with everyone...
  7. Er...I think I got one of them...
  8. LOL!!! Someone down-repped me!!!
  9. EDM

    Evil Genies

    Granted, No one can talk anymore and you go insane as you think you've gone deaf... I wish I was more...organised...
  10. Again, WELCOME ALL TO BD!!! :D
  11. I request that whoever has an issue with a person, kindly PM/inbox the person you have a problem with, instead of resorting to down-repping out of pure spite...
  12. It must be someone who's just plain rude...it happens now and then...some people think it's fun to rep someone down just because they can...just ignore it for now, or report to rookie1ja, the admin... Anyways, people here only rarely down-rep, like for people who spam, really rude people, and people who join just to advertise...we don't encourage down-repping otherwise...
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