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  1. Happy birthday !! :D

  2. Anon26

    i dunno Klue, but one thing I have noticed... Naming the vanillas as mere vanillas is an advantage to the Baddies.. They can out their roles, while being safe. Similarly, a goodie too have more chance of being lynched this way. If a person is getting lynched, and he outs himself as "I am a vanilla", he have more chances of being lynched, as compare to he saying, "I am John Smith" (John Smith being a unique goodie role) So just wanna tell you that generalizing the vanillas goes in baddies favour.
  3. I used a trick that got me 100% Dont completely see the word, notice the colour, and say it softly, Now just choose the colour you said. This greatly avoid confusion.
  4. Anon26

    Newbie Mafia

    Do you mean reducing the roles? Smoth Tra mboon, have very little experience. Catastrophe doesnt have any..
  5. Anon26

    One Up Me

    If only you were a drumstick... I wouldnt be so hungry.
  6. Anon26

    One Up Me

    So Bong.. you up next!
  7. Anon26

    One Up Me

    So should I give it to Bong or wait more?
  8. Anon26

    One Up Me

    thanks.. falling to familiar lines: Physics fail to interest me...
  9. Anon26

    One Up Me

    How nice of you to bring, the flowers, fresh, How nice of you to sing the seldom, sung How nice of you to come, though a little, late How nice of you to think, though with a hint, of hate To place the flowers, on the tombstone cold. To sing the prayers, who to evil sold. To whom you come to meet, and met his grave. And now you bury the feelings, of events old. How nice of you to come, For great was the vice But you remained, you noble self How nice...
  10. Anon26

    TMM VI: Braveheart

    Just wanna say, Hinting what you are not is not always so good The real goodie might see your hint, and may deduce you to be a baddie. and may lead a lynch against you.. (courtesy to Araver)
  11. USERNAME: Anon26 NAME: Anon RACE: Human APPEARANCE: A small little boy PROFESSION: Wanders around the kingdom, discovering and learning things. OTHER INFO: Quite, courageous, and thoughtful. Keep himself to himself. A loner
  12. Congrats to them all.. I think the list should have been bigger.. maybe maurice. fabpig, molly mae ?
  13. Anon26

    TMM VI: Braveheart

    Well. I really thought we did lose it... as could be seen by my departing poem... But way to go Smoth... I liked how you handled things alone...
  14. Anon26

    TMM VI: Braveheart

    @Zweefer: This has been checked upon... I believe. If nox dont respond.. tell me...
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