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  1. cubie and i both offered. use cubie, and if he changes his mind, ill do it
  2. for the sake of old times?
  3. peace*out

    ha. ha. ha. but those ARE the pieces?
  4. (1) unreality (2) shadow7 (3) peace! (4) (5) (6) I warn - i will probably be horrable at first!
  5. peace*out

    Making sure i have this right: Do i have them right?
  6. nope, but good try!
  7. :/ i havent taken that yet. what are you reading in english?

  8. oops and you win...that song... you win
  9. no and no. good guesses!
  10. bossed around 3rd graders yesterday. IT WAS FUN! :D

    1. peace*out


      well i planted blueberry bushes and got called weird soo... :P:)

      readings not that bad...unless you dont like to read.

    2. peace*out


      yes. ohhh yes :) i got free bread and cheese too! AND I WAS CHEDDAR!! :D

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  11. peace*out

    Team 1: Thalia, Silver Surfer, TheCube, peace Team 2: KlueMaster, Anon26, Akriti Team 3: Yuli, Izzy, Maurice, Hirkala,
  12. thats good! its not it, but its a good guess!
  13. englistory. thats awesome! :)

    whts your least fav. class?

  14. nice! cool! :) whats your fav class?

  15. :P yes, i tend to do that too...luckily its cleaned up now! :D i finished about an half hour ago! :) hows life?
  16. nice! :P

    glancing over my shoulder every second so my mom doesnt cath me on the comp - my rooms not cleaned up yet. :P

  17. peace*out

    Im going to admit, this is my making sure tht i dont die if it goes into a tie from riddle NK Rowling: Shadow7 Random House: Akriti 1. Peace - voting for Q-Cumber 5. yoDell - voting for Q-Cumber 6. Thalia - voting for Peace 7. Chaits - voting for Peace 8. Q-Cumber 9. Slick - voting for Q-Cumber 10. Araver - voting for Chaits 11. EDM 12. Auramyna - voting for Q-Cumber 13. Segul 2. nox - dead; RIDed by Harry N2 and revealed as Basilisk 3. Aaryan - dead; lynched D1 and found to be Hermione 4. Anon26 - killed by Baddies
  18. peace*out

    im trying to rationalize. if he hit nox as a very important baddie, why did he switch? the role didnt come out by then, so i was guessing. if he did hit nox, why didnt he stay with it, now we know who he is? i dont htink thats defending. i was trying to think why aa would switch.
  19. peace*out

    hey. srry,. :/ 1) have this thing where i always worry that im going to kill the wrong person. Its one of those things that i thought "well - aaryan has a lot of votes on him. if hes a baddie, yay for us! but if hes a goodie, then i dont want to be responsible." i know. stupid logic but thats how i think 2) i was wondering out loud. i was wondering why he would switch. If he spied nox, youd think he would stick with what he knew. i was trying to rationalize why he would switch. true, but isnt that better than being dead? my point was why not stay alive even one more round? o.O I
  20. haha YAYYY!YYYYYY!Y!Y!Y!Y!!Y!!!!

    how is yah?

  21. thats good! :D and those posts are by stupid people who think if they advertise here, theyll get business. dont worry, rookie will delete the posts and ban them. just wait till he gets on. :P

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