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  1. off topic posting? o.O
  2. sorry... this is why im horrible at mafia...i dont think. dont know what else i could have said. i tried to hint. and i tried to limit it down. but i should have waited. *another headdesk*
  3. because theres a chance someone hasnt read it yet. the 3 people who needed to have. thats why.
  4. okm, now im starting to get suspicious of you. i basically outed my self 100% and now your saying 1 of 3? if anyone didnt understand what i was saying, then...dunno.
  5. 3. and sorry. if i didnt do soething/left it there it would have been worse. *crosses fingers*
  6. yes and no. I think that should be enough
  7. my action was a save. I saved cubie. happy?
  8. so are we assuming that akriti is speaking the truth and therefore my vote should be removed? just checking.
  9. this may have been asked, but what happens in case of a tie vote? I want to apply pressure to dif. people, but i dont want to spread it out too much if it just means a random tie. @aa - ill defend myself later if necessary, but i dont want to give to much away without reason. anyways, ill be back on in a couple hours...my moms taking me to kill pests in her gardens...fun.
  10. Watching Doctor Who for the first time ever...maybe watching The Rebel Flesh at midnight wasnt the best place to start...

  11. 1. Aaryan 2. Hirkala 3. Molly Mae 4. Anon26 5. KlueMaster - voting for Akriti 6. Peace*out - voting for Akriti 7. Aura - voting for TheCube 8. flamebirde 9. Medji - voting for TheCube A. Akriti B. Thalia C. TheCube - voting for Molly Mae D. YoDell E. Hidden G F. maurice G. Darth Nox ok: i may vote for cubie, it just depneds on how/if he defends himself. I dont want to bandwagon just yet... therefore, i am voting for akriti for now to spread things out enough, but still provide pressure. tell me if i should switch.
  12. peace*out

    2 words: worm holes
  13. *checks in* peace*out=peace=jsw1195=Jenny=peaceisback=asilveryblue=... ...i use a lot of usernames... your name could go either way too...just saying. I should know what this means, but what are you referring to?
  14. peace*out

    ive had stuff go for a month...5 hours isnt much ummmm...
  15. sorry... no to both, but you have the first letter right, and the second letter right on one of them
  16. can you tell what im thinking or is it much to hard? running nowhere, if in this end of the road for a part or two (maybe) remember that geometry plays a piece so tell me the answer!!
  17. peace*out

    dyou think his meat could pass as chicken? cause if so... ...i think i just stepped on his liver...oopsies? wait - 2 for 1 special at starbucks? im there! can you grab me a coffee? im getting a bit tired ...dyou think he acually NEEDED that? i hope not... oh dear, i hope the tornado doesnt do anything to him/her yah know, his skin is vibrating a lot...think i could use it as a drum?
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