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  1. ...thats awesome. your SO lucky. and yes - my SAT was this morning. I did...good? I hope. :P either way, i can always retake it as a junior if i do horrably. :P howd you get out in april?!?!?!? :o

  2. ...ohhhh izzy...dont be too harsh.
  3. no. a bd music group thing was kinda almost but not really formed a while back, but that never worked out. do you have any ideas?
  4. peace*out

    *waves* ok, while i have internet as im in the apple store right now, my online time will still be limited. i leave for my house (sometime) tomorrow, and then i cant get on (supposedly) untill i unpack everything. which, i warn, may be a bit but yeah, im here now. *waves again* just checking in
  5. in a new york apple store. so the first thing i do is check BD, FB, and dA. :D im soo addicted to the internet :P

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    2. TheCube


      what I did looks insulting, can you see it?

    3. peace*out


      54321 too... :P

      aaaaand you wont understnad. so how about

      ..|.. :P yes, yes, i see it! :D

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  6. peace*out

    forgot the y aSilveryBlue
  7. i think so too - and thanks - i will!! If its atoms/quantem physics, i guess no one really knows 100%...and yes, that would be a cool job. speaking of which, im in the apple store right now. i just thought you should know this. :P so are you out for the summer yet? I apoligize if ive already asked this. but oh well - its the weekend, i can ask again. :D

  8. peace*out

    ok. thanks for explaining it!
  9. peace*out

    its a nickname for her acual name. E - do you get called that, or are you called by your full name?
  10. yeah. :) i like science, or at least the concepts of science, but im not so good with all hte technical stuff. Wave particle duality is cool, but i still dont get how it works... :P Cool! Are you going to make some giant computer thing, and become famous? :P be the next steve jobs/bill gates/whoevers modern right now. i think its steve jobs...

  11. "The commission is especially critical of the US, saying it must abandon anti-crime approaches to drug policy and adopt strategies rooted in healthcare and human rights." maybe, just maybe, the us should listen to logic when its hitting them in the face. just maybe. "The office of White House drug tsar Gil Kerlikowske rejected the panel's recommendations. "Drug addiction is a disease that can be successfully prevented and treated," said a spokesman for the Office of National Drug Control Policy."
  12. peace*out

    Ive subscribed! and please dont make fun of the randomness of my name...if i ever get a new account, ill try to make less odd.
  13. cool! so does that mean you want to do something with computers, or just dont know at all yet? Personally, i have no idea what i want to do. im pretty ok at physics, so i might try something sciency, but i have no idea. im trying to pursuade my dad to let me tag along on one of him business trips to see what he does, so thats an option.

  14. I kind of hope she did. that would be hilarious. "I'm 68" "see you next summer" she came on yesterday, but didnt reply, so she might know shes been...not stood up but...who knows. :P

  15. cool! even if its something that you dont want to do, it sounds pretty cool. where do you learn to do something like that? the most coding i can do is separating quotes on bd and writing

  16. peace*out

    ...of course. you had the answer the entire time. and you were hinting at it. and...sneaky sneaky unreality I do have to admit, i dont like abortions either, but in terms of rights, i do feel that someone shouldnt have a say over someone else's body. that was the best argument that ive had in a long time!
  17. no no and no but all good guesses!
  18. peace*out

    shes smart though. theyre in her sig. most people just post the links and get banned. shes doing it the smart way
  19. peace*out

    ahhhhh... i will say that i do disagree with that late of a deadline (i mean, if the babys a baby, then you should give it up for adoption). just adding my opinion.
  20. the news reporting what everyone knows: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13624303
  21. peace*out

    its 8:10 EST, but the BD clock is 1 hr ahead of mine. so if i quote anything, the time is 1 hr ahead of what i acually have
  22. ahhh yess. fun is a requirement. otherwise you go from learning to working with nothing inbetween. :P what do you want to do for work?

  23. peace*out

    its more of the point that when people eat an egg, they dont think of it becoming a baby chick. they think of it as an egg. its the way you look at it. when you say fetus, you say "potential human." but when you say egg, you think either "egg" or "breakfast" - not "potential chicken." still - its a piece of life. think about it. person x is pregnant. its not like person x is carrying kids inside of kids inside of kids and so on. person x is carrying potential kids, and as those kids grow, THEY start growing potential kids. life does come from a single cell that forms and grows. and whil
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