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  1. peace*out

    wait, so are we starting? im confused
  2. nice! i wish it was hot here...

    itll get up to high 80s, usually low 80s/high 70s. however, theres been a LOT of rain recently, and, according to google, it's 60˚ :/

  3. Hey! nothing much, ive just been taking pictures of my sister and pretending to kill her.

    yah know - the usual. :P


  4. oh...whoops thanks! I feel so special now!
  5. peace*out

    arent there more than 3 people on our team, or am i crazy?? hey, as long as its not trinity catholic, im ok with it!!! :D
  6. peace*out

    aaaaand you were kinda right about the "experienced players" thing! in the end, the baddies had cur, nox, q, and slick!
  7. YES!!!!! and am i the only one whose heard of people being called oreos (block on the outside, but white on the inside)??? yes. yes it is yep! hints - IT HAS BEEN SOLVED!!!! and i kept an answer to myself for almost a year on another riddle...this one isnt that bad
  8. peace*out

    ron. n1: edm n2: nox n3:slick n4: chaits
  9. peace*out

    Time Zones

    thanks! im just curious: who lives in england?
  10. peace*out

    k, i thought so, but i just wanted to check. does this mean yodell was colin, or am i totally off on that one? ETA: or was it araver?
  11. peace*out

    just for replacments - i understnad its your choice, but EDM had internet troubles, and explained. Its annoying, but just so you know its wasnt purposeful. AND YAY! ETA: and can we have the full roster w/ roles please? thanks! ETA2: and who was harry? i probably whoul have it bynow, and i have my guess, butjust a confirmation, please
  12. peace*out

    oh. i just ruined that then.
  13. peace*out

    wont sceneario 4 not happen becasse RID >> block?
  14. peace*out

    I like what you have with cur and chaits. the only thing about claiming a stone is that its really hard to disprove, but at the same time, the odds are that he would be a stone, and he did claim early on. cur hasnt said much, which is suprising, because in HP1, he was active, although it could be some timing thing. (note - this isnt defending, its more of a "benefit of the doubt.") none the less, cur is seeming most suspicous, although chaits really seems to not like klue, who, if harry followed instructions, has been cleared. what i have now on my list is to block chaits. should i send in
  15. nups! but good try!
  16. peace*out

    I'm all ears. Harry doesnt want to out him/herself, and mostly what ive been hearing is "harry and ron have to work together." i see a plan, but i havnt seen any suggested targets, as tings are unclear right now. i know what's public knowledge, no more. If anyone who has more info can suggest something to me, i would be happy to help if it means obtaining a victory.
  17. go to puzzlegirl's page. its there, and the song it goes to is mentioned there too.
  18. ...we kill people for fun. im not sure if light and dreamy is the way to go.
  19. yes, yes! but can someone turn it inot a song? I WANT TO HEAR IT SUNG!
  20. did he get you too? HI!!! i havent seen (figuratively) you in forever!!
  21. peace*out

    *does happy dance* so. any ideas on whos the last one? (there is only one more, right?)
  22. peace*out

    EST - so yeah, i wanna play
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