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  2. haha, on the same day there was sun for me!!

    although it was thundering before...WITH NO RAIN! :o

  3. ...how did i not notice that before!!!!!!!

    we should have a club along with PoetGirl95, and colorclown26...

    but yeah. THATS AWESOME! :D ...im sorry if i seem over excited, its just 11, and im bored, that has been the only interesting event so far :P

  4. sure! does it start now, or later?

  5. peace*out


    yep! just sign up by adding your name to the list!
  6. ...ok maybe, that is better than blockflies, misquitos and ticks. meh :P either way, TEH SUN IS OUT NOW!!!

    so i guess you win :P

  7. better than rainy/misquito-ey maine :P

  8. nice! we should trade! :P

  9. i just feel the urge to update this. i dont know why. but i am.

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    2. Anon26


      Above is a personal observation.

    3. peace*out


      yeah, ive noticed that too...unless its scaring your sister. that doesnt always turn out well...

  10. peace*out

    wait, so are we starting? im confused
  11. nice! i wish it was hot here...

    itll get up to high 80s, usually low 80s/high 70s. however, theres been a LOT of rain recently, and, according to google, it's 60˚ :/

  12. Hey! nothing much, ive just been taking pictures of my sister and pretending to kill her.

    yah know - the usual. :P


  13. oh...whoops thanks! I feel so special now!
  14. peace*out

    arent there more than 3 people on our team, or am i crazy?? hey, as long as its not trinity catholic, im ok with it!!! :D
  15. peace*out

    aaaaand you were kinda right about the "experienced players" thing! in the end, the baddies had cur, nox, q, and slick!
  16. YES!!!!! and am i the only one whose heard of people being called oreos (block on the outside, but white on the inside)??? yes. yes it is yep! hints - IT HAS BEEN SOLVED!!!! and i kept an answer to myself for almost a year on another riddle...this one isnt that bad
  17. peace*out

    ron. n1: edm n2: nox n3:slick n4: chaits
  18. peace*out

    Time Zones

    thanks! im just curious: who lives in england?
  19. peace*out

    k, i thought so, but i just wanted to check. does this mean yodell was colin, or am i totally off on that one? ETA: or was it araver?
  20. peace*out

    just for replacments - i understnad its your choice, but EDM had internet troubles, and explained. Its annoying, but just so you know its wasnt purposeful. AND YAY! ETA: and can we have the full roster w/ roles please? thanks! ETA2: and who was harry? i probably whoul have it bynow, and i have my guess, butjust a confirmation, please
  21. peace*out

    oh. i just ruined that then.
  22. peace*out

    wont sceneario 4 not happen becasse RID >> block?
  23. peace*out

    I like what you have with cur and chaits. the only thing about claiming a stone is that its really hard to disprove, but at the same time, the odds are that he would be a stone, and he did claim early on. cur hasnt said much, which is suprising, because in HP1, he was active, although it could be some timing thing. (note - this isnt defending, its more of a "benefit of the doubt.") none the less, cur is seeming most suspicous, although chaits really seems to not like klue, who, if harry followed instructions, has been cleared. what i have now on my list is to block chaits. should i send in my action, or should i wait until its TEH plan??
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