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  1. wolfgang

    Dumb robot

    we can give him
  2. wolfgang

    Two people cross a river

    Is it possible to use a.....
  3. wolfgang

    Hard riddle

    (BR / BL +UR) UL Thus... (8/4 +2) 3= 12 (2/1 + 6) 4= 32 (9/3 +4) 2= 14 and for the last one.. (6/2 +3) 5 = 30
  4. The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model for the universe from the erliest known periods through its subsequent large-scale evolution.The model accounts for the fact that the universe expanded from a very high density and high temperature state Some estimates place this moment at approximately 13.8 billion years ago, which is thus considered the (age of the universe) After the initial expansion, the universe cooled sufficiently to allow the formation of subatomic particles, and later simple atoms. Giant clouds of these primordial elements later coalesced through gravity to form stars and galaxies. My question was so: what if the whole universe was inside a colsed room? and the galaxies were just like dust particles hanging there , if these paricles are subjected to a continuous diverging gravity ,so they will expand. That means , that there was NO start point and NO Big bang theory ! What do you think?
  5. wolfgang

    Counterfeit coin

    We should devide the 12 coins into three groups, 5,5,and 2 1- for the first five, we weigh 2 against 2, leaving one coin aside. a- if they are blanced,we put them aside. b.- if they areĀ“nt balanced. we should weigh the heavier two with any other two coins :- now... if they balanced so the counterfeit coin is one of the two light coins,which will be easy to be find with the third weigh.....and if they are heavier,then we should weigh them one against one,,,and they heavier is the counterfeit coin. 2- for the 2nd five .we will do the same 2 against 2,leaving one coin aside:- a- if they are balanced, so one of the two coins left aside is the counterfeit coin, which will be easy to find with the 3rd weigh. b- if they are not balanced....see above.
  6. wolfgang

    Find the right sequence

    Amasing!!! you did find all the sequences from 0 to 7 ...but 5 is wrong..
  7. wolfgang

    Find the right sequence

    No..sorry...try again Note that: abcdef= 0 Note that: abcdef= 0
  8. wolfgang

    Find the right sequence

    It seems to be hard....so let me give you a hint....which is: 5
  9. wolfgang

    Find the right sequence

    abcdef bc abged abgcd fgbc .........? afedcg abc
  10. wolfgang

    Serial numbers...but!

  11. wolfgang

    Serial numbers...but!

    still not the right numbers
  12. wolfgang

    7 brothers

    Tomaca Pipsuka
  13. wolfgang

    Serial numbers...but!

    Hint....( think of....primary numbers)
  14. wolfgang

    Serial numbers...but!

    no...they are wrong
  15. wolfgang

    Serial numbers...but!

    Hello,,,who can give me the next three numbers : 74 , 34 , 14 , 73 ,13 , 92 , 32 , (?) , (?) , (?)