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    Tempus fugit

    Morality is interesting, and though I'm not in a place where its present on my mind, it's interesting to look at this website as a time capsule of growing up and growing older. It's odd to think that whatever traces we leave in the world, whether in real life or online, outlive us
  2. Link is dead, looks like it didn't last too long...
  3. This is so cool! Looks like the 2020 one is coming up in January...
  4. Welcome! (I reply, over three months later) You can upvote and downvote posts , in a somewhat similar manner to reddit and reddit karma. It's not something to worry about or take seriously, its just a feature i believe.
  5. Ooo, that's a good one ! I managed to get it rather quickly but only because I methodically went line by line . And welcome !
  6. That is... dedication you make a good point, but also this post is 12 years old
  7. update. its 2019 and i still havent forgotten this password

  8. proud to say I've never forgotten this password

  9. Right idea but wrong answer!
  10. So...let's see if I can still do this Christmas is gone but the gold still remains Hung in the sky for glory and pain Maples like towers and governments with planes The border between prizes is the border of Maine
  11. peace*out

    religious debate

    So to bring this back a bit perhaps, there's a cool episode of the ted radio your podcast called believers and doubters. I think its worth listening to, and its free to download as a podcast on iTunes. Also, even as an atheist, I go to catholic school now. And while religion is definitely a part of the school, I found it to be the most accepting school that I've ever been in, with around 50% of the school being non-catholic.
  12. I'm back for the next two minutes at least. My journey on brain den began when I was trying to learn how to think. But I'm eighteen now (I STARTED HERE NOT EVEN A TEENAGER AND NOW IM AN ADULT WHAT?!) and with websites like lumosity and fit brains, people can now exercise their brain without having to rely on other people for answers and questions. Its the idea of having a better brain without having to debate or argue with other people. This site doesn't promise results and the others do. And in a world where everyone wants to get a year and be the best, I don't think people see an intelligent
  13. **note: i didn't make this riddle up. I saw it, and i saw the answer and i liked it. A married leader and a single slave The toothless elder now gone to his grave The death for which the younger took the blame Committed by the one he could not name They've ten between them, ten that do not see Now name the leader and his enemy.
  14. Just downloaded it. [plays] For those that don't have an iPad, the same game is available in a lovely little thing called rush hour. I'd definitely recommend it
  15. Hey! Welcome to the den!

  16. hey! how are you?

    1. Aaryan


      Hey peace. Long time, no long-winded arbitrary chat XD

  17. brain games. I really like those one-a-day battleship puzzles, and a game called flow which is on ipad. The higher levels are fun. and chess. always chess.
  18. peace*out

    What Excites You

    hm...tech, wearing nerdy shirts, doctor who, finding new music that i like, beating my friends in games, not feeling like a depressed zombie, PSATs (no classes, woot!), and ink
  19. Personally, i find it both dangerous and freeing. Trusting people on the internet is something that has never been a problem for me, although i would never meet up with someone alone and without knowing who they are. My name is Jenny. This is not an alias, and I'm perfectly fine with using my own name. I use it often. I trust a lot of people on the internet with my personal information. Im friends with a lot of denizens on fb. However, i dont think any of them know my address. They could, I'm sure, but I know who I friend. I make sure theres a life behind the profile. In the end, i
  20. oh wow. its a combination of the blonde the brunette and the redhead going to the warehouse... Punchline: ...the blonde, the brunette and the redhead going up a set of stairs while god told them a joke... ...and the blonde brunette and the redhead eating 100 of their favorite fruit ...ill attempt to write it out later
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