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  1. thats good! :D and those posts are by stupid people who think if they advertise here, theyll get business. dont worry, rookie will delete the posts and ban them. just wait till he gets on. :P

  2. cool! Yeah - im lucky enough to live on a lake, so I water ski, tube and hang out on a boat a lot. we dont have canoes here, but we have 2 kayaks, and i use the single a lot. its quite nice. :)

  3. peace*out

    but wouldnt it be better to survive even for an extra night? thats whats confusing. :/
  4. cool! :) do you water ski, tube, or jsut hang out on the boat?

  5. yay! its monday! now i can annoy you again! :D

  6. hi! Welcome to the den! sorry for the late welcoem!

  7. oh and we could also do it by threads... guess which one THIS one's for:
  8. nice! Do you go boating a lot?

  9. that was... :') beautiful. for everyone: the song starts at 9:30 if you want to watch this, but...I must admit tht was a funny video.
  10. peace*out

    I dont understand why he didnt defend himself more, but maybe he hit nox as a malfoy, then switched? nox could have said that he was any vanilla and no one would know, but... I dont know. thats the scenario i see, unless aaryan hit a goodie. odds that he hit a goodie are high, and then he had to guess, but if he hit a baddie, my guess is malfoy, and thought he coudl do more by switching. Just my thoughts.
  11. almost anything by chameleon circuit. but that has nothing to do with BD, and not many people will understnad the subject of the songs - my family thinks im weird for loving them as much as i do as it is. I also like He is We, and im 99% there are people here who wont like them. u?
  12. peace*out

    from: http://www.rykersdream.com/Statistics.html Laos Estimated total – 1000 (1990’s) “It is stated that there are 20,000 orphaned children in Laos. There are only three orphanages in the whole country providing places for a total of 1,000 of these children.” No Title. by Anneli Dahlbom broken source link Rwanda Total – 5000 Out of 400,000 orphans, 5,000 are living in orphanages. Read “Social Protection of Africa’s Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children.” African Region Human Development Working Series Paper source Tajikistan Approximate total – 9,000 (1997) “No one can be
  13. sounds mostly like new england weather. although somtimes we dont get much snow. :/ whats the weather like riht now?

  14. wait = so what ahppens when you reach the end of the board? can you decide which way to go?
  15. i guess no theme song, because my guess is that everyone likes different music. just guessing, but still. for example: im sure some people dont like top 40s type songs, or alternative, and i can say right now, im not a screamo/country girl myself.
  16. peace*out


    this usually takes about 2 dys, but we dont know when the signups will be done. how long will you be gone for? 1. Aaryan 2. TheCube 3. Thalia 4. peace
  17. I kinda like that. theres no reason behind it, but it's one of the more logical reasons ive heard!
  18. peace*out

    Ok: from reading through this it sounds like aaryan is suspicous, but i dont want to bandwagon just yet. @aa: just curious: is there a reason why you dont know the next time you'll be on? i know thats a little thing that seemed to have been added at the end, but i like reasons. i know i seem like the biggest hypocrite right now.
  19. thanks! and yeah, summer > winter. in general. i made fun of my sister for still being in school then she made fun of me for having school on saturdays, then i used above logic. I won. :P but yeah, that sounds really nice! :) are the summers there like new england summers? do you know?

  20. peace*out

    JK Rowling: Shadow7 Random House: Akriti 1. Peace 2. nox - voting for Aaryan 3. Aaryan - voting for darth nox 4. Anon26 - killed by Baddies 5. yoDell 6. Thalia 7. Chaits 8. Q-Cumber 9. Slick - voting for peace 10. Araver - voting for Aaryan 11. EDM - voting for Segul 12. Auramyna - voting for Aaryan 13. Segul ok. im taking my vote of thalia. let me read through and then ill revote.
  21. peace*out

    Hey sorry I've stolen my dads iPhone for a sec.I had no time to get on this morning so I took a min at my aunts house comeinf back We had to go I'll explain more when I can type easier but I didn't want to be inscribe I outlined why before n I voted for Thalia beecause I didn't have time to read all the posts n reasons so I voted for someone who wasn't voted for sO my random vote wouldnt cause a death I'll try to get on before nine
  22. peace*out

    vote for thalia. sorry have to go. bye. random ness. ill elaborate more, but i have 30 seconds.
  23. peace*out

    does anyone know if the post is going up soon?
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