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    I like what you have with cur and chaits. the only thing about claiming a stone is that its really hard to disprove, but at the same time, the odds are that he would be a stone, and he did claim early on. cur hasnt said much, which is suprising, because in HP1, he was active, although it could be some timing thing. (note - this isnt defending, its more of a "benefit of the doubt.") none the less, cur is seeming most suspicous, although chaits really seems to not like klue, who, if harry followed instructions, has been cleared. what i have now on my list is to block chaits. should i send in my action, or should i wait until its TEH plan??
  2. nups! but good try!
  3. peace*out

    I'm all ears. Harry doesnt want to out him/herself, and mostly what ive been hearing is "harry and ron have to work together." i see a plan, but i havnt seen any suggested targets, as tings are unclear right now. i know what's public knowledge, no more. If anyone who has more info can suggest something to me, i would be happy to help if it means obtaining a victory.
  4. go to puzzlegirl's page. its there, and the song it goes to is mentioned there too.
  5. ...we kill people for fun. im not sure if light and dreamy is the way to go.
  6. yes, yes! but can someone turn it inot a song? I WANT TO HEAR IT SUNG!
  7. did he get you too? HI!!! i havent seen (figuratively) you in forever!!
  8. peace*out

    *does happy dance* so. any ideas on whos the last one? (there is only one more, right?)
  9. peace*out

    EST - so yeah, i wanna play
  10. peace*out


    again - not like clozos but oh well...
  11. peace*out

    no braceesssss

    From the album: drawing

    NO BRACES and dont worry...i torture my cat all the time...shes used to it.

    © &copy jennyyyyyfeeerrrrrr

  12. peace*out

    I like it! just have a set time when a riddle comes out so people know beforehand.
  13. thats a song. its called "you're gonna go far, kid" and its by the offspring. the quoted part is the lyrics. ill look at your playlist after dinner
  14. ummm... you're gonna go far kid by the offspring for mafia? "show me how to lie, you're getting better all the time and turning all against one is an art thats hard to teach...nice work you did, you're gonna go far kid...theres something in your way, now someone's gonna pay, and if you cant get what you want its all because of me..." ^^ does that say mafia, or what?
  15. peace*out

    I like both! and i most definitly like my water wet, not dry but yeah, i like both! especially the awesome letter pattern of cubies'!
  16. peace*out

    i have no idea. if everyone on it has a rubik's cub then...dunno. i have one! but yeah. i ahve no idea.
  17. peace*out

    Guess the person I'm talking about (the clue is not reall, just an example of what it's kinda like) ...i am SO gonna fail at this...
  18. ...you little... you got me. smh. howd you make it not embed?
  19. BRACES ARE OFF! :D :D :D

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    2. peace*out


      yeah, on the cob. its impossible to eat it on the cob with braces :P

  20. no no and no the racist part may not be known by everyone, but ive heard the metaphor before :/
  21. This topic is making me hungry. haha, nope! but
  22. peace*out

    Im not going to flip out like aura, but she IS right. "confirm" the only thing i would see challenging her is slicks vote for himself, and its 95% chance of him giving up. 99% even. no one has counter claimed. dumbledore is essentially a stone that cant be lynched, and would be in no harm outing him or herself. why not lynch slick? yes, i believe that aura is dumbledore, unless anon was. even then, if auras a baddie, theres no way of knowing what anon was because of ooc. so im curious - why do you want to change the lynch around? split the votes between someone who every one has theyre votes currently on, and wont change, and aura whos claiming to be dumbledore? whatever happened to not splitting the goodies? but yeah. basicly, im curious why you think we should do that. im not trying to accuse, but form where i stand, im confused. (hey, that kinda rhymed! )
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