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  1. Les. Mis. Two Words. And holy s*** was it amazing.

  2. Suddenly paradise is where I want to escape from.

  3. A lot has changed, and I've learned how to live

    1. TheCube


      lawl me to sort of though my spelling doesnt sho it

  4. Hey! hows it going? :)

    1. tiger_lily111


      Going well! While waiting for samples to run at work, I'm trying to find various discussion topics in my posts feed so rookie can move them if he wants. Trying to be helpful, might just be annoying. How are you? Almost done with school for the spring?

  5. Is there any way to move a picture to a different folder? Id like to consolidate my pictures, at least somewhat. Also - is there a way to "private" gallery folders?
  6. *waves* sup my denizens?! hows it going?
  7. take pictures of your roommate while they sleep, and then slowly put them in her school books, adding more and more with each day. while shes at classes, sign onto her computer and leave it on porn or some weird image. speak about yourself in 3rd person narrate everything you do.
  8. /emoticons/default_wink.png" alt=";)">

    1. MissKitten


      Hey peace! What up?

    2. plainglazed


      not with Joey, i see...

  9. So theres a yo mama thread, and i thought id start this one, inspired by this video. Yo mama's so nice that she bought me a $2000 computer when i accidentally broke mine.
  10. peace*out


    New round signups: 1. Thalia 2. Peace 3. 4. 'Cat'astrophe 5. 6. **does anyone know when this will start? cause ill be in W. DC for a week starting wednesday...and i may be limited computer wise.
  11. I dont know if you guys posted this already, but i just thought id post this...
  12. :P I'm good! just finished with exams. I like your name. i read the power of one last summer for school. :P
  13. There are others too though. thats not the only one.
  14. peace*out

    Poor little Herbie. Since his birth, poor blind Herbie had never seen the light of day. One day at bedtime, his mother told him that the next day would be a very special one. If he prayed extra hard to Jesus, he'd be able to see when he woke up the next morning. Eagerly, Herbie crouched down on his knees beside his bed andput his hands together. For hours, he prayed and prayed to Jesus. The next morning Herbie's mother came into his room and gently woke him from his sleep. "Well Herbie, open your eyes and you'll know that Jesus answered your prayers." Little Herbie slowly opened hi
  15. hi. :)

    1. TheCube
    2. MissKitten


      Hi! I also feel dead, but that is easily remedied by a good night's sleep. XD

  16. *attempting* nanowrimo! :D

    1. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Is that a pokey mans?

    2. tiger_lily111


      Good luck - but at least have fun. =)

      MoMa - National Novel Writing Month ... as in, people try to write a novel in the month of November.

    3. MissKitten


      Haha, I tried to write a novel over the summer. I failed. The closest I'll ever get is writing crappy fan fiction.

  17. ~Never do your homework during study hall, they stay up after lights out doing hw...every...single...night ~Never clean your room ~get a stuffed animal of a bear or dog, and pet it on your lap, saying "good kitty, good kitty" ~be tawkinz en lawl caht speke, all deh tiem, n me-ow erry nou n agaaan ~Or Yoda, Like him Talk.
  18. When you understand the nerdy math jokes on the posters in your friends room.
  19. you learn about santas? I LOVE YOUR MED SCHOOL! ~If you are immortal and everyone else becomes immortal, you are suddenly mortal ~If you transfer energy to your severed hand it will become your human clone
  20. this is awesome! does anyone maybe want to rewrite it? blade doesnt come on much anymore... :/ Oh, how this brings back memories... YOU ARE AWESOME! ...my roomates looking at me weirdly, but its totally worth. o.o I LOVE THIS
  21. *sighs* here we go... ~If a kids scared of the monsters, hes an alien ~If the enemies give in easily, they actually have your baby and the one you have is actually made of good. ~If its a nice day out side and you voice is echo-ey, your actually in a space ship and have just been kissed ~The answer is a. to either reverse the polarity or b. its a perception filter ~giant sissors will not protect you against giant dolls ~Always push big, bright buttons ~Shouting tell me everything! when vampires are chasing you does not work ~vampires are actually space fish...that can float ~glasse
  22. i dont know much about rp...how does it work/what do you do?
  23. peace*out

    Thats hilarious!
  24. when youve finished the worksheet by the time the teacher tells you to start
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