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  1. thinking there's definitely still more to parse but the above might somewhat fit. this one was just long overdue for a first guess. we'll crack it yet, plasmid
  2. right on, plasmid. well done
  3. phil, you must be from the south, too. we dont get much snow here but when we do we definitely get out the sleheds and race down the big hill yonder.
  4. thank you EDM - was totally unfamiliar with Captain Planet so would never have gotten that.
  5. hey Y-san, dont think you're necessarily overthinking these. they are tough, imo. you got 8. save for a minor grammatical form issue. looking for another for 4. made a subtle edit to that one and will also say the last word doesnt help other than the read of the clue. and as DD elaborated, your hunch was correct. well done - thanks you two.
  6. You're good. Two for two. Nicely done. Upp. Looks like am about to board finally after my last plane was sent for maintenance. Gonna be a long trip.
  7. Have looked at these on several occasions and for some time. Toughies for sure. i know, i know. But that's all i gots for now.
  8. plainglazed

    One Up Me

    phew - Y-san, the floor is yours. Better silly putty than...
  9. Hogwash, so perhaps not Left the pub with a prying concern Flustered and showed the way out "Cut cut! From the old car scene" Deliberately not vixen-like Act out when gone off track Piss off a little Dry drinks don't exist Slap out of order Not a current measure of riducule Each line describes with synonyms/short definitions, two different words and some kind of direction that one of the words should be subtracted from the other. The answer then remains with each of the ten fitting a general theme hinted at in the title. Like these: Somethings Fishy Here Parts Is Parts
  10. plainglazed

    One Up Me

    should i be the one to break this tie? - punishment for such a poor starter phrase, perhaps.
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