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  1. plainglazed


    No fooling you three, y'all were all over this one. MM recognizing the slip fall right off, the good Captain doing the heavy lifting, and bn wrapping up the actual question which may have been apparent to you all just vaguely asked for in the OP. Cheers
  2. plainglazed


    You and I each have a coin, select its orientation (heads or tails), and reveal to each other simultaneously. If both are heads, you win a dollar. If both are tails, you win a quarter. But if both are different, I win fifty cents. Fair enough?
  3. plainglazed

    Coin hunt

    an attempt at an explanation by example
  4. plainglazed

    Coin hunt

    Been extremely interested in this one plasmid my friend, and for the longest time thought the above post must be a mistake. Now think am on to you. Just need to figure out how to simply explain the solution if indeed my most recent process pans out. Just wanted to let you know am still on the case. Know it can be frustrating when a thread goes on without response, especially when it's a fine puzzle such as this one. I'll be back...
  5. plainglazed

    Fettered random walk

    more musings
  6. plainglazed

    Fettered random walk

    or maybe yeah, so one of those three (not the first though)
  7. plainglazed

    Fettered random walk

    amended answer
  8. plainglazed

    Fettered random walk

    zero style points (for this guess, for now...)
  9. plainglazed

    Who finished 2nd?

  10. plainglazed

    Balancing weights

    yes, but...
  11. plainglazed

    Coin hunt

  12. plainglazed

    Heads up

  13. plainglazed

    Balancing weights

    for a set of five...
  14. plainglazed

    Balancing weights

    another seven and I think an example of six? still working on five...
  15. plainglazed

    Next card is Red

    yeah, think I agree with that statement, dealer.