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  1. wooohoo - and started off with a winner. see, that one was a cinch. the plural might better help you with the final answer. none of the seven one word answers to the couplets are necessarily foods. and would like to say that within each couplet, descriptions of different meanings of each answer are separated by commas and lines. thanks, plasmid. you got to know i have still been thinking on yours. have two thoughts to flesh out or just gonna get them off my chest. cheers
  2. These multi-celled hosts hold the key to life's rejections Puts them down for all to see, but can they make corrections? A sixth sense's what i got, gives a good impression Hard pressed to make the cut, or cease all expression They're commonly portrayed in these parts its safe to say As all they're meant to be in performing the same way Packs quite a wallop, when one really sings Motions to give the shaft, certain body rings Often just for grins, on the subject they shed light And I for example give support outright A one time dodge, yet on target I should stay Flits back and forth, then stunningly falls prey Preserves and conserves, though hardly puts on the brakes Gets in a tight spot, then fixes, their mistakes In exchange for the seven solved, I offer this great deal For those that still remain, giving thanks for certain we'll Links to similar ones from before: http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10676-hot-headed, http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9818-forsaken, http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9745-same-sounding, http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9526-sword-play, http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10888-same-old-same-old.
  3. I really should know better than to chime in here - EDIT: I knew I shouldn't have tried to play with the big boys. See where I erred now and am with Prime.
  4. aha - i see it now. could not make out the hidden imagery before the hint. good one.
  5. hello frankieman - think there are many of these type sites. here's a link to one that I remember showing up here: http://zestriddle.ovh.org/
  6. Not a I'm not a plasmid riddle? Cool. Probably more thinking to be done but a
  7. hey Kikacat - will try to add what i can. hunted for the info myself and could not find the page that i think explained the member titles. etc and was originally linked to from the "Important: Read Before Posting" page. Even that page was not too easy to find (had to click the register link as a guest - maybe there's an easier route). 1. think OmegaScales has this one. will add that after 1000 posts a dialogue box on your settings page allows you to select your own member title 2. again as OS said, those four and your own after 1000 posts. The title under your avatar is the group title and those for right now are Members, VIP, Moderator, and Admin. 3. rookie1ja chooses when/if new VIPs. last time around he consulted with the moderators but it's up to him. 4. & 5. the stars below the avatars on posts (1-4) i believe correspond to the Newbie, Junior, Advanced, Senior and above. There is also a rating system on each members profile page of 1-5 stars which is not widely used.
  8. yes indeed, plasmid. as soon as i saw your response was in verse, knew in a flash you were onto me. cheers
  9. hey there Wilson - as to your first spoiler, am sure to be many of those and more but as to the second spoiler and this riddle, not it.
  10. hey hey kestrelknight - you're definitely picking up on some of the obfuscated hints but am looking for something else. Thanks for getting this one going. Hope you'll give it another go.
  11. Nicely solved Wilson. Knew i spoke too soon but Most excellent riddle as always plasmid. Cheers
  12. hey Wilson - that's the second vote on your first response above so a viable alternative for sure but still had something different in mind (as hinted at in last response). And as for your second - certainly not beyond me to throw in a homophone nor switch up the form but all of these are indeed a - b = answer within theme. Here's an alternate clue for that one - Small but not wee yeah, no repeats this time but you're so close to mine, say half-right?
  13. Perhaps it's best, not to be blunt In hopes, my point, they should get On good conduct, they'll be released On the rest of the world's a safe bet Still strikes me that, there's great potential For bearing the brunt of the heat Lest taken the path, extended to them With little resistance; discreet For after all it is, grounded in fact An attractive alternative's afforded But now it's time, state your case what am I Explanations will of course be rewarded
  14. woot, woot, some heavyweight riddlers back here again. have been contemplating this one quite a bit ever since you posted it, plasmid. have had some decent ideas but none fit as good as your answers always do (after i fully figure out where you're coming from). and always a little shy to take a stab before prior guesses are confirmed/denied esp from minds like Wilson's (for similar reasons as prior parenthetical statement). but ize gotta try
  15. hello rsn - long time no riddle with! have whined about this already but loosing my job and subsequently starting a business has greatly crimped my brainden time. still check in at least daily but usually just briefly and often without even signing in. also had to re-solve my own puzzle as it had been so long since last responses. these are certainly tough as evidenced by the ones solved. can see were you're coming from and could possibly qualify for an alternate answer but yeah, had a different train of thought. may have to come up with hints (other than the one i just..) or edits or altogether alternate clues. hope to see you soon
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