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  1. sorry no, want to say more but better not.
  2. plainglazed

    One Up Me

    oh crud, decisions, decisions. gonna have to flip a coin and... it's time to move onto the next, phaze.
  3. thanks for the explanation, Wilson. neither of the above but one is quite close.
  4. yes indeed Wilson, for number 3. need different for the others. sorry for the slow response. here's hoping you enjoyed your weekend. happy Monday.
  5. right on Wilson - hope not so long there's no more interest in the rest. nice solve, man.
  6. hey DD - get your answer but still not it. thinking that second line of this one is still not recognized.
  7. well Wilson - so clever but not the answer needed.
  8. ahoy Wilson - neither of those. making a few minor edits to the OP. am now thinking these are pretty tough. still doable tho. may further rewrite if they still prove elusive.
  9. sorry for the disappearance, had to go out of town yesterday. none of the above. will add that the "you" in the third one is a she.
  10. plainglazed

    One Up Me

    sorry i missed this yesterday. woot woot - ...if it appears to be over...
  11. Thalia has the second couplet. Great answers for the others, some especially fitting, but am looking for other. Am on the run for the next couple of hours and cant elaborate right now. Will say the third one is a tangible thing. Gotta go.
  12. am afraid neither Shakee. the first one is an especially good fit. by memory, think you're not a big fan of going about finding a word from multiple definitions/descriptions. have seperated each different avenue to the answer with comas if within the same line of the couplet otherwise each line is a different approach. hope you'll give it another go. Always liked these puzzles PG, good to see you still have the gift. think you're narrowing in on what's probably the lead clue on the first. and with all my american jargon/idiomatic centric puzzles, have always been doubly impressed with your solves. now finally got what i thought might give an advantage to a Brit. still have my money on you for the second. and thanks for the encouragement. threw this one together under pressure trying to continue this recent resurgence and may have been a little hasty. we'll see...
  13. hey Rob - yeah dont know what's up with the spoiler. seems to repeat words and add those equal signs especially after editting. as for your answer, not the word i have in mind. still a little more wordplay to parse. thanks for getting this one started.
  14. Good one t_l and nice solve Shakee. Am not sure what the issue is with the spoilers. Have also had some troubles and suspect that toggle box for BBCode in the toolbar above the reply dialogue box has issues. I typically just write out the tags [spoiler="spoiler title within quotation marks"]hidden text[/spoiler]Will be curious to see how that gets compiled. Here goes...*post*
  15. Well it may be a stretch, to idle and stall Yet 'tis the sound of the Coyote's first call An English saloon, guzzler of a kind With room in the front as well as behind I've got her covered, as she can see And still on the loose, bearing testimony Off shore in other words my name thus compounded And the coolest of circles I can almost be found in He's no longer available, the inquiry's been submitted It still isnt legal though, to have him committed Free rides to the first, then quits lickety split Different social classes, gets away with it When put on paper it lacks any bite But when left alone ferocious it's quite Well connected as usual are the two of us Now give me a hand t'beat the system thus Your fortunes in the balance just may hang So in seventh heaven those feelings explained When the eight are known you'll get credit for that Then for what it's worth there's one more to have at Links to similar ones from before: http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9818-forsaken, http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9745-same-sounding, http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9526-sword-play, http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10888-same-old-same-old.
  16. plainglazed

    One Up Me

    When all else fails, if then is not necessarily correct.
  17. hey there DD - right on for your top two above. the March <--> Date connection does kinda work but a little more associative than synonomous would say. Think that about wraps it up. Don't know how to link a best answer to this multi-solution puzzle. Guess will have to immodestly list this post with: thanks to all
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