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  1. finally, a multiple choice test i get -
  2. Nice read DD and fun stuff Y-san!
  3. Thanks you two for knocking this one out. I just couldn't let it go unsolved thus the previous bump. Knew you guys would bail me out. Don't know how to best use the Mark Solved feature with these multi-answer puzzles so have unabashedly linked here...
  4. ah yes Y-san, fresh eyes. and daunting, soaring, dare i say mountainous insight. correct on both accounts above. ps - have been following trying to follow yours but fear it is above my pay level. will keep plunderin tho.
  5. Well this one may have remained unfinished for good reason. Haven't had the time of late to compose anything new. So in the meantime and on the outside chance there could be any interest in finishing this one, have added rewritten lines for the four yet to be solved. Spoilered for any who don't want a second clue.
  6. right on DD. thanks for solving. be back soon.
  7. wow DD, that's uncanny, so to speak. despite the fit gonna have to surprisingly say only half right. figured this one to be tough but thought the first half was doable then the rest could be sussed out. never did it occur to me there might be another that fit so well with the second rhyme. even the total with the "tabs" part makes sense with yours. and the title.... well, doodoo. nice answer my friend. hope you'll give it another shot.
  8. hey hey plasmid - you've a keen sense for this one as usual. yes an a + b = ab format (as hinted at with the "first", "second", "connection" bits) but am afraid your answer is a whiff.
  9. First you need to open up And let it out for all to see Revealing the hidden beauty within Or a terminal growth it could be The second you learn to realize Seeing just how it's perceived Yet knowing what it means to acquire The sense that one's meant to achieve For when you manage to make the connection Accounting for that which you'll need To keep tabs on all that's involved Regarding what's reasonable indeed
  10. no worries at all. put these up in hopes they are solved, afterall. only now am unable to post that ring puzzle I had in the works (not really). had actually forgotten that oldie. funny how I did basically use the same clue then and now. nice memory and nice catch. think I might revisit that a+b=ab format. and certainly I cant take all the credit for your annoying ways here . cheers
  11. didn't ruin the puzzle at all DD. no need to sell yourself short. I enjoyed from the start but was obviously a little behind in the end. cheers.
  12. Yes indeed fp. but not too frightening from what I've witnessed as not tee totally. now that would be scary. nicely done.
  13. You know its in the bag Unless you drop the ball Before the whistle's blown Then waiting for the draw Leaves much to be desired It's cut and dry at best Suspended once in service There's still time for the rest For a shred of evidence Remains to be seen If you read into it The answer you might glean
  14. hey hey DD - know it's tough to post and not have any idea how it's going. want you to know I'm enjoying struggling with this one. will get there DD. thanks for posting and your patience.
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