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  1. been pondering this since posted but cant fit it all together. had been thinking similar to bonanova
  2. plainglazed


    And a Happy New Year to you as well, my good friend.
  3. hello plasmid - happy new year. as always, have really been enjoying this latest I'm not a. had a different thought with each stanza when first read.
  4. that's where i'm stuck, too. definitely not a coincidence imo. have been trying all sorts of letter and word length comparison matches with keywords, alphabet, text from the Secret Level, etc. the only thing I can think of special about twenty four is hours in a day. also seems maybe of possible importance because of the repeated mentions of time; especially the last three lines of the first poem. still think something's missing. still at it...
  5. pretty stuck on the Time of Madness. think it's pretty tough and could use some group think. and the witching hour is fast approaching. so, re Y-san's post above: -- Help -- come get me.
  6. have now found the six highscorers and see what they're about but have no idea what they mean. EDIT: oops, just checked and see you've found the ciphertext ?. don't know. perhaps you're further along than I? the first four letters in your spoiler do seem to recur and think they will play a significant roll. I'm just not there yet.
  7. okay - finally been where our good friend Wilson's been...almost two weeks ago. still haven't quite made out the key from the equations but am familiar with that ole chiffre. cheers, Y-san!
  8. assuming a square bottom maximizes volume (which is pretty arbitrary but my calculus is too rusty to deal with two variables): V = x * x * ((32-x^2)/4x) V = x^2(8/x-x/4) V = 8x-(x^3)/4 then differentiating and equating to zero to maximize V: 8-3/4x^2 = 0 x = (32/3)^.5 x = 3.266 V = 17.419 the above spoiler was attempting to describe a open rectangular parallelepiped with a square base of length sqrt(32/3) and height of sqrt(8/3). such a mold would have surface area of 32 sq units and volume of 17.4186 cubic units.
  9. Always enjoy yours plasmid. This one's certainly no exception. After over 100 views have to at least give it a stab.
  10. hey Y-san - not sure though have seen similar elsewhere. Tried to replicate but perhaps you can post an example of the dialogue box output v input in [ code ]? What browser are you using? Are you typing out your own tags? Use " instead of '? Probably a deeper programming/mismatched character set issue. But haven't really got a clue. Except I do know I enjoy your post layouts so hope this issue can be overcome.
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