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  1. Traffic jams

    okay, not too proud to start this off with some probably way simplistic maths:
  2. Physics fun

    Not Rats
  3. Physics fun

    had thought perhaps then perhaps rats, still thinking
  4. Physics fun

  5. I’m not a gardener

    ooh, nice one Cyget. Spoiler for some additional thoughts:
  6. 3 Quickies

    1. EDIT: yeah, as I continue to wake up here, am less convinced of my logic above.
  7. Green and Yellow hats again, but harder

    Not a generalized formula but better than strategy for three?
  8. I’m not a gardener

    dang, like that answer MM - nice
  9. Soldiers in a field

  10. City Growth

  11. Child's Play

    Seven this time, you must solve, before your work is done And even then, there's something more, to find about each one Dress down and take to task, both maybe doubly so Too this trashy sheet, could put you in the know Vital that it functions, independently Bellowing out loud, that could be the key Previously this trio has formed ties on que The one before this verse and code for sex too Though it may be routine, just part of an act It still adds up, you can count on that fact To do the heavy lifting, I help to move along A girly sort of thing, L.A. greets me in a song How much they say, and if it's a fit It's what it does, and then you're it You may marvel at my exploits, super bold and strong Should do lunch sometime, or don't be this of song FWIW, here are a couple of links to other similar ones from before:
  12. Thinking of a Number

    Silently be in doubt and subtle...
  13. Thinking of a Number

  14. Foreign Speakers

    Picture of a Scandinavian A bohemian defender of the bar Patagonia costume jewelry A down under rocker Middle Eastern dairy product Fast track Andalusian mount Nordic canine A Byzantine with a twist A vehicle of the West Indies Viking law An attractive East African Arabian spousal reception Courtesy of an Asian Coins of an Eastern Bloc Republic
  15. Thinking of a Number

    perhaps or

    so does the (retired) mean this was a race to 300? if not... _ _ _ _ _
  17. I'm not a Trump supporter

    I thought it fit most all the clues but couldn't quite reconcile the "costing us green" bit. Perhaps peas vs worms? or maybe just it's more common idiomatic meaning? Anyway, most enjoyable as always my friend.


  20. I'm not a Trump supporter

    ahoy plasmid - have been mulling over this one for some time tho been too crazed to drop in consistently. Just finished a big project that's been hanging over my head for some time so hopefully I can now get here more often. Don't think I'm quite there yet but have two guesses - - Cheers

    FEVER PITCH anyone else having problems getting on the site?
  22. In Soviet Russia

    in Soviet Russia, dog sic like you. (sorry, probably the NyQuil talking)
  23. Thinking of a Number

    Spoiler for the best I can come up with...so far

    P Y G M Y STAND - 0 RESET - 0 TIERS - 0 MOUSE - 0 ACRES - 0 ARRAY - 1 BURST - 0 BELLY - 1 BELLS - 0 +5 maurice GUMMY - 2 GIRLY - 1 PYGMY - 5 +25 phaze maurice - 241 + 5 = 246 plainglazed - 224 + 12 = 236 phaze - 198 + 25 = 223 Logophobic - 143 araver - 79 nana - 10
  25. Probability of missing the circle

    Spoiler for keeping it simple