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    Showdown Riddle

  2. plainglazed

    Circles covering a rectangle

    Spoiler fwiw
  3. plainglazed

    An Acrobatic Riddle

  4. plainglazed

    An Acrobatic Riddle

    well hello, Sir. Been a contemplating the above since you first posted. Have some preliminary thoughts but first a question: is there any significance in the division of the two stanzas of the OP? Understand if you don't care to respond. Mostly just want to let you know am on the case.
  5. plainglazed

    A Threatening Riddle

    almost completely sold
  6. plainglazed

    A Threatening Riddle

    trying my damnedest
  7. plainglazed

    A Threatening Riddle

    another shot
  8. plainglazed

    A Threatening Riddle

    I too, have been mulling over this one since you posted. Best I've come up with so far Don't think I'm there yet. Also, has crossed my mind that this one may be different than Sir Shakee's typical wai.
  9. plainglazed

    I'm not an outlaw's ghost

    then how about a
  10. plainglazed

    I'm not an outlaw's ghost

    okay, time to purge - been thinking along the lines of but still thinking am not quite there. much fun plasmid!
  11. plainglazed

    I'm not an outlaw's ghost

    if not an
  12. plainglazed

    A Convicted Riddle

    trying to chime in here before Wilson too late. and of course his is excellent. rats!
  13. plainglazed

    A Skittish Little Riddle

  14. plainglazed

    Square Free

    square formed 45 degrees from orthogonal using the black king?
  15. plainglazed

    A Defensive Riddle

    Rats, thought I might have it with but peaked at Wilson's latest salvo which looks more like a direct hit.
  16. plainglazed

    Foreign Speakers

    Picture of a Scandinavian A bohemian defender of the bar Patagonia costume jewelry A down under rocker Middle Eastern dairy product Fast track Andalusian mount Nordic canine A Byzantine with a twist A vehicle of the West Indies Viking law An attractive East African Arabian spousal reception Courtesy of an Asian Coins of an Eastern Bloc Republic
  17. plainglazed

    A Warm Little Riddle

    ah man - thought for sure she had it. nice entré ash9898!
  18. plainglazed

    Riddle that ask ..What am I?

    pure chemistry
  19. plainglazed


  20. plainglazed

    A Lovely Little Riddle

    Gotta think ^^ that's ^^ it. Nice reentry Wilson.
  21. plainglazed

    The Executioner's Riddle

    Nice one as always monsieur 'puddn. plasmid steered me in the right direction with his interpretation of the first two lines. Must say I especially appreciate the double entendres in the second stanza. Very nice!
  22. plainglazed

    I need some hints with a riddle

    Don't know if this is still relevant but my first two thoughts when looking at this mix of seemingly unrelated characters is their keyboard position or the ascii representation of the characters; and then some kind of manipulation of one of those relative to the 81 or 08/01 clue. Good luck.
  23. plainglazed

    A Lovely Little Riddle

    Had originally thought And another observation re site traffic: Think there is less spit balling of answers these days. Most now seem to reply only when highly confident of being correct. Tho guess that could be a consequence of lower traffic as previously there was more of a race to the solve. Still do think that adds to the feel of the lack of involvement.
  24. plainglazed

    The Executioner's Riddle

    well hello good sir - great to see you here
  25. plainglazed


    You and I each have a coin, select its orientation (heads or tails), and reveal to each other simultaneously. If both are heads, you win a dollar. If both are tails, you win a quarter. But if both are different, I win fifty cents. Fair enough?