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  1. Aah. I have been thinking long and hard about this. But no solution comes to hand. I'm intrigued as to what "a woman like you" is. But I find it refreshing that a lady (such as you) can be so open about their lives. BMAD, I think I love you Just FYI, In my avatar, I'm the one one the right. Or left, if you prefer. xxxx
  2. Leonard! You used the non-American date format. (Well done) Oh, and welcome to the den
  3. Wow. Sorry if I spoilt it for yourself others, pg. But it had a sort of ring to it (that's a pun that will become apparent), and I came over all nostalgic as it reminded me of one of the first riddles of yours that I answered, In fact, I have a feeling that that riddle was the reason I signed up for brainden all those three and a half years ago (if not, it was certainly one of yours just before it). So you're responsible for me annoying the hell out of everybody since. Thankyou, and more power to your elbow, my friend.
  4. Not sure that this is what TSLF is aiming at. I think he means "How do you divide a round cake equally into 5ths using 4 cuts". But I've been known to be wrong before... Edit... or more specifically, how do you ensure that each of 5 people gets an equal amount. Ahh k-man, where were you when we needed a modicum of common sense? You're THE man. Oh and, BTW, I did so inform y'all thusly.
  5. I get the logic... but the OP still says to create 5 equal pieces with four cuts. And each person has 1/5
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