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  1. nope, that wasn't a hint, just a play on your previous response. close again from the other direction. perhaps combining the two? rewrite: For certain parts of speech, they're commonly portrayed Some just acting out, behaviors aptly displayed
  2. i cant fully visualize this just yet but think the ant can travel ever so slightly shorter than kukupai's answer above EDIT:
  3. guess you're about ready to put this one to rest. alas, not those but good to hear you're in it 'til the end. wanted to have a rewrite along with this reply but haven't quite been satisfied with what ive got thus far. y'all are still not far off and may get it before I can come up with a better clue.
  4. hate to break it to you, Wilson but not that.
  5. afraid I've forgotten mine - sorry for the delayed response. fear we're veering off the established theme. think fabpig's #23 is still closest yet. do see the path from that answer to your latest, Wilson. just not the one needed. might be possible to work backwards from the final answer to get this one - not sure.
  6. hey hey you two - all politics aside it looks like the fabpig has indeed set the scene quite nicely once again. both narrowing it down now. perfectly fitting answers to the couplet but am still looking for a different word.
  7. Hey Wilson - not my answer above. have been working on a better clue with no success. this one is a little weak I fear. next puzzle is better I think (yes, one in the wings). recognition of key words as much as meaning of the verse might better steer to the answer intended. and now think your spoiler issue is not viewing them but in composing? have you tried writing out the tags? typed out like this: [spoiler="spoiler title here within quotes"]hidden content here[/spoiler]or you could cut and paste like you did above and delete all but the spoiler tags. cheers, mate
  8. Yes, Wilson's got it. Great to see you here among the living, my friend. Have to admit to cheating a little with the punctuation. Only one left which I think is more of a straight What Am I than the others.
  9. hey Wilson - spoilers seem to be working now from what I can tell. perhaps a short term issue? if it persists please post again. for a quick fix to satisfy immediate curiosity you could click the "Quote" or "MultiQuote" buttons below the post with the spoiler and view the contents in the "Reply to this topic" text box. You may have to click the switch icon for BBCode Mode at the upper left of the dialogue box.
  10. well hello, liberty. apologies for the delayed response. had intended to reply earlier but it, uhhhm, slipped my mind. welcome to Brainden nonetheless.
  11. [spoiler=i'm still at it]clothesline?
  12. right on, plasmid. somewhat cooler, huh? cheers - clink clink
  13. good morning sunshine - you're right there, just need a different word am afraid.
  14. hello plasmid - your first one is right there but not it. you've definitely got most all of the word play. wanted to go back and edit slotting "it" for "them" for a better/fairer clue. your second one above is not it. hope you'll continue stabbing. you've definitely notched it up (forgot to mention that before . and fp - bull sigh, nailed it, all sewed up quite nicely - you get the point...
  15. well, i almost surely better understand now. it's actually a little easier for my wee brain to comprehend. the learning experience here is always worth a little humility imho. thanks you guys. oh, one last (not serious) question - what if infinity is odd?
  16. well hello there my good friend. right on for the seventh. now we're rockin'. again the plural will probably be more useful in the end. but no bull involved with the sixth.
  17. @ bonanova - but infinity flips is a fair many more than "a large number of flips" @ BMAD - someone but not everyone? hopefully my responses here are taken as meant to be - lack of full comprehension of very large numbers - and not as deviating from the spirit of the riddle.
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