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  1. hey DD - neither of those - dont get to say that often sorry, not that clinton. said sir in my last response to you. hope not too presumptuous. apologies if so.
  2. You are correct sir, nice job! Now off to the post office. Be back soon but cant promise to be in a good mood.
  3. Hey Framm - Your answer for #2 matches mine but not for #5. Well done.
  4. Most of you here are familiar with this drill Solve these six then there's the final one still Common when baking, if disturbed can pop Bursting bubbles, with ash it could top He goes on and on, in service to the Queen A subject from afar, beholden to the scene The picture started out graphic but shoot, Sensitive too, when at the finish all root You get what you deserve, to a degree And for trust and respect, a must usually With a bigwig Sicilian, disaster you flirt So buy their protection, lest you get hurt Something to put on and yet meant to reveal Not to be obscure, else it you might steal Now in order to solve this common expression A question to answer, the answer a question
  5. Can never tell how these are going to go. Was worried there for a bit. Realized late the probable local lore of Chinese food being filling but not long lasting and the adding of "in bed" or "between the sheets" to the end of the portion. But bailed out by the oh so clever ~Just~Me~. Apologies to the more worldly crowd. Always fun in any event. Be back soon.
  6. gettin' there yes indeed, well done J~M! you're right. agreed.
  7. hey chic - not that Good riddle as always. thought at first that was going to have to agree with your way off comment then reread and certainly see where you get that. cool. not it, but cool. and thanks for the encouragement Framm! finally one I thought might come up (the first one above) when I proofed this one. good guesses all chic but still not it. another good guess peace, alas, still not it. wow, nice fit Shakee, believe it or not, that's not what I have in mind. Fe Fi Fum Fo, I do love that filo dough tho...
  8. Seems a likely candidate for a programming trial. Fun to ponder. Will keep thinking.
  9. Hey S R - Always amazes me the unpredicted responses which fit so nicely. Good answers both, but not it. hello clinton - I have no relations with that answer (just kidding, probably heard that a thousand times, huh? couldn't help myself tho) actually, some very clever connections but not what I'm after here.
  10. After you've had your fill Though the feeling oh so fleeting These last couple a bits Might tell you what you're meeting The maker of unknown promise With a tinge of Eastern mystique Mostly common sense Occasionally tongue and cheek What's brought into the fold Ironic the cost of each Could be your just desserts Always ending up 'tween the sheets
  11. plainglazed

    ughhh *still moaning* good one ^ and
  12. plainglazed

    EDIT: and if so maybe
  13. plainglazed

    and EDIT: just read LJ's above. like that one too
  14. plainglazed

    Good uhh afternoon? EDM Been awhile since I was here and have not yet read back thru the thread. Sorry if already been said.
  15. and that'll do it. the cleaning products answers certainly hold water but the thing I was looking Nicely done rsn! Thanks to all for sticking with this one .
  16. won't ask but do have to tell you nah. 9/10 cats say this is right. But still awaiting the dogs' feedback hah, took me a bit to even get it. not it. ooh, great answer. like you said, great fit for most all of it but am riddling about something else.
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