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  1. the second one above is correct Edit for: hey t_l - yes indeed. Probably wrong, but I wanted to put it up there because it was slightly funny. not that
  2. hey there jippiidan - that's close but not quite complete. each clue will approach the answer in two ways.
  3. hope I am inputting proper form for puzzle... CORRECT! phew EDIT: was so excited with your answer I just now saw your question. I really dont know the best way to respond but think the way you did it will work just fine. Will try to update/fill in the puzzle as we go. If anyone (especially those who do these if you're out there) wants to pm me their solution, that's fine to and I'll announce credits.
  4. Hey clinton - not that but thanks for starting this one off.
  5. Click here for a wiki tutorial on how these play out.
  6. plainglazed

    Hey harvey45 - Dont know why this one has slipped by. Always enjoy your challenges.
  7. plainglazed

    Hey Shakee - Am guessing it was a clear day and you were staring out the window for inspiration again? But I could be way off base, too.
  8. I like MissKitten's answer and this riddle, Molly Mae. Nice one!
  9. Good stuff, t_l. Much enjoyed, even if occasionally too much so
  10. Hey t_l - well, I guess turnabout is fair play. did manage to have an enjoyable weekend tho and also did have this in the back of my mind. all I came up with -
  11. plainglazed

    Hey LJ Nice poem, btw - impressive.
  12. Well ... aren't you just so cultured? Am a little stymied but still workin' at it. May need to post partial thoughts for group think at some point soon. Good stuff.
  13. Hey t_l - not been able to spend much time here a riddlin' as of late but did sneak a copy of yours during lunch. Got a few other ideas am still mulling over. Be back soon.
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