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  1. superprismatic

    reversed coefficients

    One possibility you hadn't addressed: What about roots which are 0, and possibly with multiplicity?
  2. superprismatic

    Dueling cards

  3. superprismatic

    How big was the dinner table?

    I have one question which could make a big difference. It's a bit indelicate, so I'll put it in a spoiler.
  4. superprismatic

    Dueling cards

  5. superprismatic

    reversed coefficients

  6. superprismatic

    The kindest (shortest) cut of all

    @Bonanova or anyone else who may have an interest in this: Do you have a proof that that circular arc is the shortest? Conceivably, a piece of a trigonometric curve, or exponential curve, or another conic section may be shorter. The possibilities are endless.
  7. superprismatic

    Making 271

    I'll bet that the answer is divisible by 7.
  8. superprismatic

    Birthday Probability

    Nice analysis! I wish I had thought of that.
  9. superprismatic

    Factor this

  10. superprismatic

    Magic octagon

  11. superprismatic

    Magic octagon

  12. superprismatic

    Unlocking doors